The brands most searched for on Google by countries


complete Map of the planet.

Google is a good tool for be able to test the interest of internet users, since through the searches more popular, we can see which are the preferences of the majority.

In this series of infographics prepared by Quickco we can see which are the brands that are most sought after in the network in each country of the planet. At least those of larger size and population. Getting a few results which are expected in the majority of cases, offers us some unexpected surprises in others.

The vast majority of brands that appear are generalists, and the winning difference is Toyota, which appears in virtually all the continents, except in Europe, where it appears only in Iceland, although this is actually closer to the american continent.


Map of Europe.

In the american continent precisely we found only the presence of Chevrolet as a brand local, although not in the united States or Canada, but in Mexico, Chile or Argentina, among others. Toyota, Honda and Hyundai are the signatures that most present are, and where there was only one european brand is in Uruguay, where we found Volkswagen, and in the French Guiana, where it appears Audi.

Outside the american continent since we don’t we find any american brand. Another surprise that we find in Japan and in South Korea, where there is no local brand, but BMW. This is also the european brand more popular on the globe, overtaking clearly to their top rivals, Daimler and Volkswagen. BMW is also the signature of the most popular of Europe, where we find that except for Hyundai in Ireland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, all the territories are marked with european firms.

Another of the great surprises to be found in Niger, where the signature
most wanted is nothing less than the Bugatti, the only brand of sports
it appears in all the map. Likewise, in the Yemen the firm’s most wanted has
been MINI, as in Laos, country border with Vietnam.