The Brexit can make the price of cars go up a few 1.700€

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The Brexit we caught the world by surprise. We all thought that the inhabitants of Uk would like to stay within the European Union but it seems to be that their national pride prevents it. Of course, don’t want to stay in the European Union but are interested in to stay within the trade agreements that has signed the Union with the rest of third countries with which it does business.

Your departure involving the removal of de facto of these agreements business and, if so, this situation would cause serious problems for the economy of the United Kingdom. As we have already mentioned the automobile industry british, because of its special importance, it would be one of the hardest hit because in this country we produce many of the best-selling current and this would cause their prices to rise a peak. However, the government seems to have to the manufacturers are convinced that this rise will never happen.

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the Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) of the United Kingdom in a letter addressed to the british government requests that before they occur is definitely the disconnection of Europe to ensure that the free trade agreements are still in force. With this measure would protect customers who purchase a car in the country if finally imposed tariffs on the import of cars manufactured outside of its borders.

According to the SMMT the prices of cars in Uk are now at a point, which is very sweet. The brands are lowering their margins to fight against changes in the value of the pound and for customers who want to purchase their new car before things get complicated in the future. To this they added that the prices of cars, once the Brexit become official, could climb to an average of 1,500 pounds (1,700 euros approximately), making them less competitive than before and therefore the demand may fall precipitously.

The establishment of trade tariffs would be not only of the European Union towards the United Kingdom, would be reciprocal and therefore to get to that situation the european automotive sector could experience one of its worst moments.

Source – Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)