The british Voltes Design make it more “interesting” to the Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Voltes Gen-SS

Voltes Design and Larte Design have collaborated to create this package of upgrades for the Tesla Model S.

The “young” trainer uk Voltes Design has joined forces with the guys from Larte Design to create a new and interesting package of improvements for the Tesla Model S. This is not the first time that we see a program settings for the above-mentioned electric car from Tesla, although in this case, the truth is that we are faced with a body kit with which the Model S adopts a true sporting character and dynamic.

Under the name of “Voltes Gene-SEQ” this package of improvements is composed of a body kit that, unfortunately, is only compatible for the model “pre-facelift”. Recall that several weeks ago it was introduced the new Tesla Model S 2016, a slight but interesting update with the popular electric model premiered in both new aesthetic and technical and/or technological.

As we say, this body kit has been created by Voltes Design in collaboration with Larte Design, one of the coaches most respected and popular at the european level. Therefore, and although the guys of Voltes does not have a long trajectory in the sector of tuning, the quality of their work is guaranteed for having collaborated with the above-mentioned preparer.

Tesla Model S Voltes Gen-SS

The package of improvements Voltes Gen-SS for the Tesla Model S gives a character more interesting and sporty.

What’s the news with this package of improvements? In the first place and the most important of all, is the aforementioned body kit. A kit composed by a new front grille, two pieces that connect both sides of the front grille and can be painted in different colors, some air intakes, rounded as well as a new splitter front.

Leaving to one side the front and taking a look behind, you can see a new carbon fiber inserts located just behind the wheel arches later, a new diffuser, rear bumper as well as a subtle spoiler. On the other hand, and if you look at the side profile, we will find ourselves with a few new skirts.

In the second place, and after detailing the body kit, another of the novelties that we offer this package of improvements are a few new alloy wheels of 10-spoke with a finish in black color. And finally, Voltes Design offers a wide range of possibilities and options to configure to our liking the interior.