The Bronze Test of the 24 Hours of Spa, past water


The Bronze Test has kicked off at the 24 Hours of Spa, every time that pilots in this category have had the opportunity given to become familiar with the layout belgian before the start of the real action. In this aspect, the pilots bronze have enjoyed three hours of free practice with their GT3, although it is true that most of the time the rain and the wet asphalt have been fellow travelers. At the time that the asphalt was dry, Christian Krognes with the BMW M6 GT3 #35 Walkenhorst Motorsport has marked the best time (2:26.155).

In this aspect, more important than the times for the riders bronze has been the backlog in track, in spite of the difficult conditions that have been given in this first contact. Without going more far, Clément Mateu with the Lamborghini Hurricane GT3 #67 of Attempto Racing has been one of the pilots more time-consuming, to such an extent that the GT3 of the German team came to register 48 turns. In figures more or less similar has been moved also the Audi R8 LMS GT3 #26 Sainteloc Racing with Fred Bouvy, pilot even scored the best time with the wet asphalt.

with Respect to the ranking pure and hard, the one that defines the times, 2:26.155 of Christian Krognes with the BMW M6 #35 has been corresponded with the times of other riders who also have used the straight end of the session, with the asphalt quite a bit more dry. In this aspect, second one has finished David Perel with the Ferrari 488 GT3 #888 of Kessel Racing, while the third position has been for Gabriele Piana with the Mercedes-AMG GT3 #18 of the team Black Falcon. This is one of the structures that have Spanish presence, while Miguel Toril will compete in the Mercedes #16.