The brutal Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept from 460 HP to be takes a walk through Paris


Renault ZOE e-Sport Concept 2017.

on the occasion of the ePrix of the Formula E in Paris, Renault Sport has organized a particular promotional action taking to the streets of the French capital is the spectacular ZOE e-Sport Concept next to the car computer, and.Dams.

The video and the pictures resulting from it are the most spectacular. If the ZOE e-Sport Concept, it was one of the models more striking under the spotlights of the Palexpo in the past Hall Geneva, be able to see it in motion in the street is quite an event.

His muscular figure of carbon fiber stands out greatly, along with the rest of Renault ZOE conventional that appear after the. This is one of those prototypes impossible whose radicalism astonish even from a standing start. Swollen to extremes unimaginable for a vehicle of its nature and size, this prototype impossible exudes sportiness from all four sides.


Next to the single seater RS 16 of the Formula E.

ZOE e-Sport Concept eliminates the tranquil mechanical platform that has the released version in favor of two electric motors, each located on the axis, with a power combined total of 460 horses. Made entirely of carbon fiber, both the frame and the widened body, has a weight of only 1.400 kg. Even with the pack full of batteries, which already has a mass of 450 kg.

The result is spectacular, the axle width is considerably greater than that of the standard version of the subcompact electric and in the front we find a huge air inlets, and behind a large diffuser that occupies the entire width of the model. The body of carbon is decorated with the colors of the Renault team in the Formula E, the team and.Dams, winner of the championship in the last 2 editions. These are all live images of the model.

Its features are more typical of a supercar, its 460 HP allow you to reach 100 km/h from standstill in just 3.2 seconds, a lower figure than some supercars of higher power.