The Bugatti Chiron and its 1,500 HP are much more threatening in this video

This week has been a historic event. It is true that, after the hype and buzz generated by its predecessor, the Veyron, the presentation of the Bugatti Chiron, that in a nutshell is an evolution of that hiperdeportivo, it might appear somewhat smaller. But that Bugatti might launch a supercar is something that, like a lot, it happens once every ten years. And to submit it to us, Bugatti has had the consideration of preparing a video, with very good taste, in which the new Bugatti Chiron is more threatening than ever.

After establishing the historical context, and to remind us that Bugatti is not a contemporary brand, while the majority of people only have in their head a silhouette, the of the Veyron, it appears the new Bugatti Chiron. A video of the step we will learn how to correctly pronounce its name, with a French accent, that it is not a coincidence that it matches the name of Louis Alexandre Chiron, the pilot monegasque, which in the thirties competed in the team of Ettore Bugatti.

A video on that already we can go making us an idea of how will sound this beast with an engine of 8.0 liter, W16, four-turbocharged, twin-scroll, an electric actuator, and nothing more, and nothing less than 1,500 BHP of power.

it is Now normal for us to ask the next question, will we have to wait another ten years to get to know the successor of the Bugatti Chiron?

Everything points to that Bugatti, without undermining the standard of exclusivity that has been implanted in his sports, wants to increase the annual production of their machines. We know that the limit of the Bugatti Chiron will be at 500 units, that means there will likely be special editions, and new versions of the automobile, among which probably is colará a “convertible” type targa. And that there are already 120 customers that have paid out more than € 2.4 million for having his Bugatti Chiron, as before, in the garage.

astronomical Figures. Almost as much as their performance.

Source: Bugatti
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