The Bugatti Chiron debuts dynamically in Le Mans at over 380 km/h


Bugatti is no novice in this of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, beating in the mythical endurance race in the editions of 1937 and 1939 with its Type 57. For a long time already of it, but in the middle of 2016 re Le Mans, and not just to compete: at the end of last week, the new Bugatti Chiron stepped on The circuit de la Sarthe to make a dynamic presentation.

Bugatti Chiron completed the formation lap in Le Mans 2016 before the start of the race, and it is certain not to disappoint, because of it, we hope that it will become the new king of the speed within the supercars of production, happening at the Bugatti Veyron. Nearly 380 km/h was the maximum speed that you reached the Chiron on the straights of The Sarthe, surpassing all LMP1.


not even the fastest car in the race throughout the weekend was able to approach this record, although this also do not want to say too much, since at the time of mark a time fast lap, braking and cornering -as well as the output of the same – have a lot importance, and obviously, the Chiron could not compete in a full turn with a prototype LMP1.

anyway, we look forward with anxiety to know the performance of the Bugatti Chiron in circuits as the Nürburgring, because there is also improvement with regard to the Veyron should be evident. How dare finally Bugatti, faced with the threat of rivals as qualified as the Koenigsegg? In addition of the formation lap at Le Mans, the supercar also starred in the ‘Driver’s Parade’ Friday, lifting the eyes of all the attendees.

1.500 CV and 1,600 Nm of torque, as well as a maximum speed of 420 km/h -electronically limited – to put expectations through the roof, but will have to see if your chassis is the same height. The Bugatti Chiron only will be produced in 500 units, and there are already more than two hundred reservations: its base price is eur 2.4 million more taxes. The first units will begin to be delivered to their owners starting in the fall.