The Bugatti Chiron shows his front for the first time

Imposing, dominant, aggressive, beautiful. Adjectives that will be easily associated with the Bugatti Chiron, more if we take into account that this is the the first time that we see images of her front completely bare. A machine tremendous that not only will feature a performance of heart attack.


there is Only one word to define it. Awesome

we could Not expect anything else of Chiron, the natural successor to the already historic Bugatti Veyron. Many rumors arise about the performance and benefits of this new creature of the French firm. Some data that will be accompanied by a silhouette and an image that will not leave indifferent anyone who will see it.

as can be seen in the images, the first that we see of the front, the Chiron will feature the traditional grill of the Bugatti. Around it will be formed a nose very sharp and dynamic and where you fit include lenses narrow, which is still being different to the Veyron can not but remind us of this.

it Is the piece of the puzzle that was missing by knowing, as had already been discovered in the rear and the side with the C’s so striking. A lot has happened since we saw the first mule of tests of the Chiron a year ago and in our country. Follow so that nothing will prevent Bugatti presented at the Geneva or Paris next year.

As we say the aesthetics will be powerful, according to the first data of the performance of this beast. It is estimated that his power could reach 1500 horses, but more. A figure obtained by the combination of the engine W16 and an electrical system of high performance. It is therefore not surprising that the 0 to 100 Km/h will be able to do it in 2.3 seconds.


once more Bugatti will be the reference mark for the hiperdeportivos

Obviously is not working on a single version, as we have recently known that there would be a convertible, a Grand Coupe that we still do not have images. Finally, the price. Nothing has materialised, but everything seems to indicate that over and above the two million euros. An exorbitant price for a car exaggerated.