The Buick Avista Concept is a Chevy Camaro in tuxedo and turbo

In Detroit think that there is life beyond the muscle car. And when you propose to go beyond the tradition homeland, and to explore the possibilities of sports in which the comfort and the refinement is more important than brute force, the result obtained is the one that you see in the 9 pictures that accompany this entry, the Buick Avista Concept 2016. Designed in Detroit, to the Detroit motor show, the Buick Avista is a coupe with 2+2 seats, a true Gran Turismo with a vision that is very european of luxury and sportiness, that furthermore uses a V6 engine of 400 HP.

Under her statuesque body hides the platform of the new Chevrolet Camaro.

Although Buick does not make explicit mention of this aspect, the Buick Avista Concept has the same platform (with a battle of 2.811 mm) employed by the new Chevrolet Camaro. But unlike this has a refined design, with curves, very soft, and details very modern to a trademark in which the tradition is so important.

For the moment it is a prototype, which might lay the foundation for a final product that could be launched over the next few years. A good example of what would happen if General Motors intends to launch a sports coupe with halo, Gran Turismo, something like a Bentley designed and produced in Detroit.


For your engine it has chosen a V6 twin-turbo 400 HP, a solution that each time surprises us less, in a time in which we can acquire a Chevrolet Camaro or Ford Mustang with 4-cylinder engine. This engine, besides the turbo, it uses solutions of automatic deactivation of cylinders, Stop/Start automatic, and an automatic gearbox eight-speed transmission to optimize its efficiency. Also would enjoy a system of suspension, adaptive Magnetic Ride Control.


Although out this prototype could well offer us a very clear vision of the appearance of a Buick Avista definitive, ready for commercialization, the board remains all futuristic and exotic than it may be a prototype. According to Buick, nearly all of its passenger compartment has been built using the technique of 3D printing. Has some ergonomic seats very futuristic, though not as much as your huge display screen on the dashboard, which extends the digital instrumentation to a team of entertainment pilotarĂ­a with an additional screen in the center console.

Source: Buick
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