The Buick Envision “made in china” will go to the US


the united States begins to remove the prejudices of the made in China in regard to cars. We’re not talking about iPhones, or computers, or other consumer electronics products. We are talking about a car, for the north american market, and above guidance Premium.

Buick Envision reach the united States with an engine 2.0 Turbo of 260 HP, with total traction and automatic change. Will be positioned above the Buick Encore (Opel Mokka in these parts) and below the Enclave. Given the growth of the segment crossover in the states, is a logical choice.

Other of his rivals will be the Lincoln MKC, Acura RDX, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V or Audi Q5. In that market versions of high-end generalists can be competitive with the versions that are least equipped of Premium brands.


it Is a real rarity that exporting cars from China to developed markets, in the united States there is only the precedent of Volvo with the S60 and XC60. The Envision will occur in a joint-venture SAIC Motor Corp. and General Motors, in the province of Shandong.

China has become a country manufacturer is very important, because in order to supply its huge domestic market, the majority of manufacturers have started to produce locally animated by the restrictions imposed by Beijing. The cars that come out are very charged to tax, that has been the salvation of the precarious national industry.

little by Little, to see more cars with the made in China, if you end up with the total acceptance of consumers, as has happened with the consumer electronics or the textile sector, could be extended to the phenomenon of delocalization. Who knows, China could achieve the same prestige that they earned in Japan or South Korea in this regard.