The bumblebee from hell: three rotors, three turbos and 1,900 HP for the Mazda RX-8 more gross of the planet

Yes, I admit it. Sometimes I’m a little heavy with the world of drag racing. Certainly, I am passionate about, and it is the unique occasion to learn about preparations in many cases unique. The potentiation of the engine and the maximum traction are the most important competitions of acceleration, in the form of the most picturesque very routinely. The car that is starring this article is a Mazda RX-8 with a three-rotor engine and supercharged by three turbochargers. A configuration of the most interesting.

Three rotors, three turbos and a little more than 6 seconds in the quarter mile. Impressive, to say the least.

The rotary motors are modular. That is to say, you can add rotors without limit, in line. Applications street more powerful use two rotors, but there are racing cars with up to six rotors. We already know it sounds like a Mazda 3 MPS competition with 650 HP, but this RX-8 has triple the power and a rotor. Each one of the turbos provides power to each of the rotors, a different approach to the turbo simple for the three rotors. Is the usual solution, and that this team from San Fernando (California used to use before).

Their sound can only be described as a bumble bee from hell. An aggressive sound, a hum able to leave deaf to all those who hear it: it’s going to escape free. In the track of acceleration, spits flames, and once you have traccionado, your nose wants to get up – and what would, you do not have a “wheelie bar” installed in the rear of the car. The body is of series, but there the similarities end, with the RX-8 production on which it is based. See the video, and contadme that os has been like in the comments.

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