The business model of Hyundai Motorsport


a Lot of things have changed within Hyundai Motorsport since its entry into the WRC in January of 2014. With an i20 WRC in its infancy, the reliability was a liability to the team in the early stages of the championship. Overcome this phase, the training began to find the pace in a World Rally Car that, despite everything, was plagued by lack of traction and top speed. Such were their shortcomings in spite of the doublet in the Rally of Germany, that the brand decided to create a new i20 WRC.

Since then, the policy of development of the brand has been very ambitious, maybe too much. The new Hyundai i20 WRC threatened to make her debut in 2015 and finally make it in 2016, in large measure, by the doubts that have arisen about using the model of three-or five-door Hyundai i20 as a base. In any case, Hyundai is doing final testing on their i20 WRC in the face of their imminent debut in the Monte carlo Rally, 2016, and already has in mind two other projects, the i20 WRC in 2017 and the i20 R5. The first comes from the hand of a new technical regulations.

As you can see, the pace of work at the headquarters of Hyundai Motorsport in Alzenau does not descend at any time. However, a rate so high evolution requires a budget very high, something difficult to achieve despite being a project with the approval of the hyundai brand. And it is at this point where enters the debut of the Hyundai i20 R5, a model that will be approved in mid-2016 and will be filled to the signature asian-in the competitive world of R5, where the brand hopes to catch un good pinch that maquille your budget.


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willing to take the step and to create a model of two-wheel drive.