The cab driver is already a reality. Singapore opens its roads

Taxi sin conductorSingapore is a is one of the major cities in the world and one of the nerve centres of world trade. This small state in asia has the third largest financial centre in the world. In addition, it also has the second sea port which most goods move on a global level. This situation makes Singapore a very attractive country for big technology companies, as their economic and social potential makes it easier for technological advancements to be possible.

driving autonomous is one of the goals that seems to have marked the sector of the car world. Almost all brands want to have an autonomous car in their range and they want to boast of being the first to put in circulation a model of this type. Tesla Motors, with its autopilot, it is followed closely by Google, Ford and General Motors. However, for now it seems to be winning the battle it is the signature of Silicon Valley.

uber_apphowever, the race by driving autonomous does not want to stay only in providing drivers with autonomous vehicles, but it wants more. This would be the possibility of offering to the customers a service of transport completely self-contained, that is to say, to extend the driving autonomous taxis of the great cities of the world.

well, the startup nuTonomy has begun to conduct the first tests of taxis without driver with real clients in the way of Singapore. This test in circulation has taken place after months of trials in these pathways. The difference lies in that the first trials were carried out without passengers and traffic conditions measures and on the real test has been passed to count with passengers and traffic conditions real.

to carry out these tests in real conditions nuTonomy will allow a group of customers apply through their mobile app journey free. After you have made the journey, the customer must fill in a short survey to collect your opinion and feelings. With these data, nuTonomy will be able to evaluate the reception among customers of the taxi without a driver and the feasibility of implementing this form of mobility in large cities.

With the launch of the first taxi without a driver, nuTonomy is well ahead of Uber, as the us company had intended to launch their first taxi ride alone in the state of Pittsburgh in the next few weeks.