The Cactus M will not go to production, but the next Model will have something of their DNA

The chief designer of Citroën ensures that the design of the Cactus M, will form part of a series-production model that will be released soon. Presumably the case of some variant of the C4 Cactus.

Citroen-Cactus-M-Concept-1Dince the time that we saw the Cactus-M Concept, we knew that it would be a miracle that the model will reach production. However, Citroën ensures that somehow, part of your style will end up being part of some of the upcoming models that the brand will launch in the next few years.

The chief designer of the brand, Alexandre Malval, pointed out in a recent interview that to his criterion, a design of retro style not be accommodated in the product portfolio of Citroën. That is to say that a modern edition of the Citroën 2CV, it will be something that never is going to happen. On the contrary, Malval believes that the space occupied by the 2CV in its time, at present is covered by the C4 Cactus.

With the Cactus M presented some weeks ago in Frankfurt, Citroën took several liberties stylistic, knowing that it was a car that never would pass the concept stage. However Malval ensures that conceptual work is a design that acts as an excellent the basis for future developments, to the point of ensuring that many of its qualities will end up forming part of a vehicle in series production in the short-term, possibly as a a new variant of the C4 Cactus.

C4 Cactus is a product that has proven to be very successful, highlighting its buyers, its functionality, its accessibility and above all its design. In that same sense, Malval highlights that the Cactus M is a prototype that has been conceived putting the focus on the life-style, in contrast with other brands that you favour the futuristic look or the more recent technologies.

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