The Cadillac Allanté that takes 24 years at the dealership waiting for a buyer


This issue brings 24 years at the dealership.

In the past few days has appeared on the network the curious history of this copy of the Cadillac Allanté, the is probably the last copy new and unregistered model. He is currently the centerpiece of a dealer in Ontario, Canada, where she lives since they left their factory in 1993.

The reason why it takes so long at the dealership is simple, has not been sold in the nearly 5 decades leads exposed.

The first media that echoed the news have highlighted the magnificent state of the copy and the mime that the dealer will profess to this unit, despite the fact that today, 24 years after coming to this exhibition, remains a model closer to the sale. Noting the high price at which it is offered, being advertised as a “vehicle of collection” by the dealer.


Occupies a prominent space at the dealership.

What is certain is that the price at which it is exposed, 77.743 canadian dollars or 59.500 $ change, may seem somewhat high for a model that is very simple to find on the second hand market for prices that rarely exceed $ 10,000, as well pointing to Carscoops.

however, far from what it may seem, the price of the model has not been artificially raised with the excuse of being a rarity, that precisely what it is, thanks to its particular condition of your new vehicle. The Allanté is considered in north America as a simple, old model, without any value for collectors, because it was never a model of great success, or wanted by the public.

In 7 years of production only produced about 21,000 specimens, about 3,000 a year. Enough to not be able to say that it was a vehicle unlikely but it is not necessary to be able to justify their existence, together with a very high, and laborious cost productive, caused Cadillac to eliminate in the mid-nineties. To be the project qualified failure by the various national media.


Announcement of the Allanté with one of the 3 units used as the Pace Car of the Indy 500.

Probably, this issue 1993, the last model year, and last year it was in production, it is the best example of the bad reception that had the model. Because his seemingly high price is virtually the same as it was in 1993, when it had a MSRP (official price) 59.975 usd.

so not only is not being offered with an outrageous price with the excuse of being a single piece (rarely will there be another specimen similar to this one) but probably you have never changed the price.

According to the statements of employees of the dealer, the model had some offers in your day not content to the owner, so we continued to hold its price tag. Although it is contemplate that in 24 years there has been a considerable devaluation of the money, so we can not say that keeping your price really has increased their value, but, on the contrary.


Currently it is offered as a vehicle for collection.

More specifically, and taking as a basis the value in u.s. dollars, 59.975 dollars of 1993 are equivalent to 101.057, $ 37 in 2016. That is to say, this copy of the Allanté, 1993, is now for sale for approximately half of its original value. Although if we look at its value for its age, we discover that the current value for an individual in a state of competition, that is to say, the closest thing to new is 24.700 dollars, less than half that asking price for the now and the quarter, if we take the value that we obtained with the devaluation of the money these 24 years.

Analyzing in depth the issue, we also find that this has certain elements that are in the range 93 were only available optionally. As the hard top is removable, which from model year 1993 was going to be one more option.

According to production figures, the Allanté 1993, manufactured 4.670 copies, of which only 85 units were to Canada, one of them is the protagonist of this article. Serve this anecdote as a new example of the appalling sales of the model.


Inner classic of the eighties.

The model 1993 is probably the best of the entire series, because it not only premiered a more powerful engine, the V8 Northstar of 4.6-liter delivering 299 HP (295 hp), over 100 HP with respect to the mechanical options above. At the same time, improved finishes and equipment models unprecedented.

The Allanté was the attempt by Cadillac to build a rival to the Mercedes SL and Jaguar XJS, hence, turned to Pininfarina to try to create a sports model and luxurious that may be at the height of its rival european. This resulted in a vehicle lines very attractive for the time, but which had in the first place with a mechanical platform that was not up to par, and finally, with one of the manufacturing processes more expensive and complex the whole story of the industry.

Initially, the car bodies were manufactured at the facilities of Pininfarina in Italy, and these were transported by plane to the united States. Was to enable a series of Boeing 747 to be able to perform this task, carrying up to 56 copies on each trip, receiving the name “air bridge Allanté”. These landed about 3 miles from the plant Hammtrack, where they assemble the drivetrain.


One of the Boeing 747, specially prepared.

The resulting configuration was quite strange to the eyes of a european, because the huge and anemic V8, first to 4.1 liters and then 4.5 and 4.6 liters, was positioned in the vain front transversally, so that really was a front-drive model.

This was a strange habit that Cadillac did not abandon until it reached the TWENTY-first century. With a wheelbase that seems to be small even visually, a glance to his side and discovered how the wheels seem to be strangely close to the center of the vehicle.

Although Cadillac announced with fanfare as the model of upscale american with Italian design, appearing even in some Hollywood blockbuster of the time, the Allanté never came to be cost-effective. In its 7 years of life just received more minor updates techniques of which the most important were new mechanics. And just as he came he went.


Their technical approach was not to the height of its rivals.

The first units came on the market in 1986 as a model 1987, for already 31 years. And in all this time has never failed to achieve the promised status as a collector piece. In any publication of used vehicles from the united States we can find examples in very different states for very little money.

history has treated him merely as a failed experiment, similar to that carried out Chrysler and Maserati with the TC by Maserati, a different look – very attractive for some – but a technical result that was not at the height of the segment, and that made itself felt in their sales.