The Cadillac Escalade will keep your chassis on ladder


Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum

what Is less worthy of the Cadillac Escalade that its rivals by having a chassis of off-road traditional? The europeans already have opted for the chassis monohull for a long time, while the formula of the chassis screwed to the body still exists in american and asian manufacturers. there Were rumors about the end of the Escalade, but have been denied by the CEO of Cadillac, Johan de Nysschen.

“The Escalade needs to be more sophisticated and technologically more advanced, thinking about the details. All that we can do it with a chassis on ladder”

it follows From the foregoing that the Escalade is going to be more luxurious and therefore more expensive. Currently the Escalade is the kind of car most cost-effective of Cadillac, because it attracts buyers with a lot of money, who happily load their Escalade with all kinds of extras.

One of the reasons why you should spend the Escalade to have a chassis monocoque is the weight savings, and not be an off-road pure, the needs of stiffness are not the same. What’s more, with materials and steels of the latest generation, the chassis are more resistant to twisting even as a monohull. A lower weight means lower fuel consumption, because the Diesel nor are they, nor are they expected to.

The improvement will have to come from the side of the engine. Right now the Escalade uses an enormous aspirated V8, which will be replaced probably by the 4.2 V8 biturbado, and will see him first in the CT6. General Motors re-pull by known technology, nothing new under the sun.