The CAFE american is a norm necessary for the collective good


manufacturers in the united States do not see in Donald Trump an enemy, but a politician that if they make some concessions, like not to pull out more production to Mexico, they will get a favorable treatment that benefits their interests. We don’t just talk of tax cuts, also regulations easier to comply.

right Now the market in the United Unidose is living a very sweet moment and the sales of vehicles of large consumption, are experiencing a resurgence. The SUV -of any type – and the pick-up account for nearly 60% of the market. The rest will be taken by the passenger cars, that is to say, passenger cars, more efficient in fuel consumption (especially by occupants).

Under the Administration of Barack Obama is made the manufacturers a target of 50 miles per gallon on average in their fleets of new models in 2025, that is to say, less than 4.7 l/100 km. This, in a market where the diesel engine is not exactly popular, it is practically an impossible dream. Would have to be sold many, many vehicles of low consumption. The requirement for 2016 was 34 miles per gallon, that is to say, to 6.9 l/100 km

Obviously, there will be manufacturers that move from 50 mpg (that is to say, spend less) and others that are close. Those who exceed that target will be able to transfer emissions credits to those that do not achieve such a reduction of emissions. A reduction of consumption is linked by relationship chemistry direct with a reduction of emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2).

But with Donald Trump we have come across

Now that a holocaust denier of climate change will be at the helm of the agency of protection of the environment, the EPA, surely the manufacturers will have an easier target to meet. In Europe the same thing happened, the objective of 95 g/km of CO2, which is equivalent to 4.3 l/100 km of gasoline, was postponed by pressures from manufacturers, particularly the germans.

The position of the manufacturers is at least understandable. It is not that want to pollute more for sport or for the hell of it, is that technologies that require less fuel and further reduce emissions are not very popular. We refereimos to hybrid, electric, diesel, engines more compact, smaller cars, etc, The SUV and the pick-up, especially if they are gasoline, are going the opposite direction.


emissions Limits means provided for Europe, China, the united States and Japan for the next few years

The problem of the american consumer is that you do not pay the same attention to clean technologies when a gallon of gasoline costs $ 2 when it costs 4 dollars. Making an analogy, europeans do not see with the same eyes liter of petrol at 1 euro to 2 euros. The standard of the CAFE was to reduce pollution and oil imports.

But prices have fallen in recent months quite, because the united States has increased its domestic production thanks to the fracking (or hydraulic break) and because the OPEC countries flooded the market with cheap oil to ruin the american industry of the fracking. In the end it seems that OPEC has lost the pulse and has cut production for prices to recover.

In consequence, the american consumer is not so concerned in reducing your energy consumption and you can re-consider models that swallow. And if he continues that trend, the objectives of the CAFE are simply inasumibles. If there are manufacturers that fail to provide products of low efficiency, the customer will go to the manufacturer that offers it. So stupid you can be to the human race.


Thus, it becomes the fracking – Photo: Department of Energy and Climate Change (Flickr) CC BY ND

Relax the objectives of the CAFE will give more oxygen to the manufacturers. Will have to do the same that when California launched its Zero Emission Mandate (ZEM) in the mid 90’s, when it forced the manufacturers of volume to produce electric cars. Check out that extent was a huge delay in the implementation of the electric car. The “bad guys” are going to win this game and the effects we’re going to suffer all.

According to the increase of CO2 emissions, more about the humanity of a situation climatically irreversible. The more CO2 there is in the atmosphere, the more it retains the heat, so the temperature increases due to the action of man (greenhouse effect, anthropogenic). It is possible that the planet is in an upward spiral of temperatures in a natural way, that can’t be avoided, but our part yes. The environmentalists don’t stop warning: the sea level will continue to rise.

the united States not only needs a CAFE that is satisfied, you have to realize that their lifestyle is unsustainable, and have the gasoline so cheap, it should not be a reason to spend with more joy. In european countries, Korea or Japan, where gasoline is at a premium and is bought out, raising awareness of the efficiency is much higher. In the US that only has lived on time with gas prices skyrocketing.


Photo: CREDO.fracking (Flickr) CC BY

Under the command of Donald Trump’s not going to put more taxes on fuel to discourage its consumption. Neither will there be taxes on the mass of the vehicles so that they choose more efficient models. There will also be no restrictions on movement, low-emission zones or those things that yes we’re going to live the european.

The next energy crisis pillarĂ¡ to the americans with their pants down. The sales of more efficient cars will rise, and those that have cars of high consumption will see that they have to use less or losing more money by selling them. Already happened before, and will again pass, the question is when.

After what has happened with Volkswagen, the option of popularizing the diesel engine for lower consumption and emissions of carbon – – other van apart – is out of the question. Technologies electrified, hydrogen fuel cell and other will be implemented by desires of the consumer rather than by the pressure of the manufacturers. The respect for the environment is not the same when left in the hands of the good will of the consumer.

In the future you will acknowledge to the people of our time have brought humanity to disaster, and they will be right, because being able to have prevented it, we think in other things less important.