The Camaro’s 12-cylinder, 8.5 liters and 727 CV, created from the two-block V8


air Suspension and multiple pieces of frame and body.

One of the presentations most eagerly awaited at this year’s SEMA Show was no other than the model that was about to premiere the V12 engine created by the project australian V12LS. A Camaro is very special, that had been entrusted to the workshop Quality Customs Rides, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Was at the beginning of this summer when we present this project, a V12 of 8.5 litres formed from two blocks LS V8 from General Motors. Created directly by joining two blocks V8 small block that had been previously cut by one of the cylinders, being united by welding. The engine resulting is a huge, 12-cylinder 519 cubic inches, equivalent to 8.5 liters of displacement, with a spectacular performance of 727 HP at 6,300 rpm and 854.17 Nm of maximum torque at 5.600 rpm.

Up to this time only we had a before image of the block separately, and the statements of Mike Heim, owner and responsible of Quality Customs Rides, which we confirmed then that initially the V12 would go intended for a Camaro of your property.


The exterior design has been respected to the maximum.

The model was presented finally in this edition 2016 of the SEMA, raising much anticipation and receiving many and positive reviews of the specialized media americans. Nothing more appropriate to present this new mechanics, one of the first copies of the Camaro, precisely the year that the model meets a half-century of life.

Already completed the SEMA Show, we were able to contact again with Mike Heim, one of time back at home told us, first hand, the excellent reception that had the Camaro in the Convention Center of Las Vegas.

The spectacular Camaro V12 was even noted as one of the most striking and relevant to the event by some means of specialized american. Despite sharing space with many spectacular preparations, the 12 trumpets of admission looming in the engine bay is not something that you sole see usually in a model of this type.


the appearance of The V12 is superb.

This Camaro 1967 is a very special time for Mike, because not only is a copy of the first model year of the model, but this was his first car. It was made with the when she was just 19 years old, and once he began to dedicate himself professionally to the world custom, had always had a desire to do something truly special with the.

“This was the first car that I bought when I was 19 years old and I kept it all these years. I could never work at the post that I have a custom shop and my car don’t pay the bills.” Mike Heim.

so to be able to work in his own Camaro, , for years, relegated to a corner of the workshop, it has been a pleasure for the. The changes to the naked eye are not very eye-catching, with the exception of the suspension of ultra-lowered and the huge wheels, but the task, however, was considerably more profound than it may seem.


The first images of the mechanical.

Starting with the own frame, the guys at Quality Custom Rides, cut and modified severely the frame to be able to install a air suspension for more up to date and in line with the new trains rolling and the massive power delivery of the V12.

Although the bodywork looks identical to that of the first series of the Camaro, the fact is that it was slightly enlarged and the roof cut, montándolo now about 3 inches lower.

Another detail, that unfortunately is not seen at first glance is the opening of doors, that now open-style suicide, which, according to Mike makes it much easier to access the interior. For the smartest, at the gates have disappeared shifters, being replaced by a mechanism located in the exterior mirrors.


Understated but very eye-catching.

The result is a Camaro 1967 very faithful to the original despite the modifications, all of them structural, are perfectly hidden, giving the impression that we are faced with a simple Camaro discounted more.

In terms of the new engine, the twelve-cylinder looks gorgeous in the vain of the Camaro of Mike. Now mount tops in green color, replacing the red original and the game of the trumpets of admission to the air and the tangle that are the exhaust manifolds is spectacular.

The original idea of this initiative was born in Australia contemplated the manufacture of a small limited number of copies, which began precisely with the Camaro ‘67 Mike. For the moment, audience, and praise has not been lacking in the SEMA this year.