The campaign mode of GT Sport to detail in this new video

Gran Turismo Sport - modo campaña

PlayStation us details of the campaign mode in Gran Turismo Sport.

unlike previous installments, Gran Turismo Sport will have a much more focus online, thanks to the introduction of new game modes and online features designed to enjoy a gaming experience that is connected more complete. However, and like the previous installments of this popular series of video games of driving, the campaign mode will continue to be one of its main assets.

Polyphony Digital, the studio in charge of the development of GT Sport, already announced for a long time that, in the debut of the series on PlayStation 4 (and PS4 Pro) there will be a game mode focused on the player room that you want to spend long hours of fun in front of the tv without having to face other rivals online. Well, thanks to the publication of a video on the official YouTube channel of PlayStation, we can understand in more detail the campaign mode of Gran Turismo Sport.

you Will have a learning approach so that the player is more casual and has not had experience with previous installments of the saga can become familiar with the physical, strategies of driving and the obtaining of the traditional licenses or identification cards. Throughout the video we show different variants of the campaign mode as the ‘driving school’ or the obtaining the driving licences and obtain some interesting vehicle.

Gran Turismo Sport - modo campaña

The campaign mode of Gran Turismo Sport will be one of the main assets of the game.

Also have to demonstrate our expertise on the steering wheel overcoming the different challenges of mission such as driving along a certain path without knocking down cones or overcome curves that look almost impossible. For their part, the Experience of Circuit we can improve our style of driving to master each vehicle and track available. Will be the training suitable to meet the on-line competitions.

Gran Turismo Sport is positioned as one of the titles driving most important of the current generation. And in the case of PlayStation 4, is expected to be one of the most important games of PS VR thanks to the mode of virtual reality. Will be available in three editions-physical (Standard, Collector’s and Limited) and two digital (Standard and Deluxe). Depending on the edition, it will include some exclusive content.

the launch of The GT Sport is planned for the next day, 18 October 2017 and will have a starting price of 59,99€ in its most basic.

Video gameplay of the campaign mode of GT Sport.