The car is totally autonomous from KIA will be a reality in 2030

KIA has shown us his roadmap for the next few years, a roadmap of where he has spoken to us in KIA Niro, SUV plug-in hybrid that we will meet next year and where we are promised the arrival of a car moved by hydrogen in 2020, but also KIA has also set the first keys to understanding the driving autonomous in the brand.

it Seems that until 2030 we will not see a KIA self, before, in 2020, as will products with an extensive list of functions to semi-autonomous.

As announced by the Korean manufacturer, we would be faced with a number of technologies driving partially, autonomous applied to your line of products in 2020, meeting with the first car to be completely autonomous of the mark in 2030.

This plan account with an initial investment of $ 2.000 million that will become effective in 2018 and that will allow the firm to hire new engineers and develop these technologies.

In KIA have labeled this set of technologies dedicated to driving autonomous under the name of ADAS, System Technologies Advanced Driver Assistance, as we meet in these early stages with cruise control system and intelligent maintenance systems at the lane.

in Addition to also introduce improvements in the parking systems intelligent or controls cruise tailored for use in jams.

KIA indicates the presence of a parking system remote, a technology that we have already seen applied to a production car of the hand of the new BMW Series 7.