The car of Google was involved in a heavy blow: what to blame? The human…


Google has spent months conducting testing of autonomous cars in the californian city of “Mountain View” to perfect the technology that will move their future vehicles. The new laws of circulation of California allows its roads to be traveled by autonomous vehicles which has led companies like Google to conduct their tests in-transit real there. The act also requires publicly communicating the reports of errors and accidents in which are involved the autonomous cars in order to maintain the security.

few days Ago one of these test units suffered the accident is more serious in that they have been involved prototypes of Google, but you have to stay calm because even though the events no person was wounded. A pickup truck commercial has impacted against the side of a Lexus RX 450h modified by the search engine the world’s most famous for having the ability to move by itself without human intervention, although with a supervisor within at all times, if necessary, intervene. As you can see by the pictures the vehicle looks seriously damaged.

All the safety devices on the Lexus autonomous worked perfectly so we don’t have any unfortunate bodily harm on the part of the engineers that were in its interior at that time, as well as the occupants of the truck.

Any news of traffic accidents in which are involved the autonomous cars tend to attract both supporters and detractors of this type of technology. In this case the error was human. According to the source, and the declarations of the own Google, the truck jumped a red traffic light of an intersection which caused the impact with the car that functioned autonomously.

it is as Well as the facts the official statement:

A vehicle Google moved towards the north by Phyllis Ave. in Mountain View, when a car in the direction of the west in “The Royal Road” ran a red light and collided with the right side of our vehicle. Our light was green for at least six seconds before the car entered the intersection. Thousands of accidents occur every day on the roads of the united States, and skipping a red light is the leading cause of urban accidents by human error in the united States monopolizing the 94% of these accidents, so that we are developing the technology, fully autonomous to make our safer roads “.

And is that the general rule dictates that the vast majority of traffic accidents are due to human errors -slips, speed, consumption of alcohol, drugs and other malpractices, while those that occurred by fault of the own vehicle are to a lesser extent. The autonomous vehicles erradicarĂ­an completely negligent behaviors as this skipping a red traffic light at full intersection always work to the perfection of the technology

¿it Is really driving autonomous the Holy Grail to safety behind the wheel? What do you think about it?