The car of Haas F1 passes the crash-test of the FIA

Crash-test para el morro de la FIAThe car of Haas F1 has passed the crash-test the FIA. The new team in F1 american who will begin his old ways in this championship 2016, Formula 1 has already prepared his design, and it has passed the crash-test the FIA to certify that this is a safe car and that it complies with the regulations in terms of safety, passing a series of crash tests.

Haas F1 asked for appointment to the FIA before Christmas to be able to perform the test on the day 7 and 8 January. The car has passed the tests without problems, everything has gone well to the first and have not had to pass the tests more times, as has happened with other teams that have wanted to innovate or to bring the materials and even the rules to the limit. Remember that these tests are paid for and they are worth several thousands of euros, so for a small team it is important to pass on to the first.

Gunther Steiner y Gene Haas

Steiner and Haas

Officially the Haas F1 is suitable to be able to roll, although Haas F1 will not stop after these tests, and the pace of work is frenetic to be able to evolve the car and get it ready for power play the first test in Barcelona. Already in December, Gunther Steiner stated that the production of the car was going well and that they could start to produce the parts in mid January, so will be ready for testing at the Barcelona circuit, for the test of the 22 of February.

Yes, you read that right, the production has not yet started, . Remember that impact tests are destructive and in addition is needed only for some parts of the car such as the cockpit, nose, gas tank, etc, it is Not necessary the car to the full to carry them out. Now we just wait to see this car will have its baptism of fire this season and see what americans do, since according to Gene Haas are going to surprise…