The Car of the Year in the World will have a new category of urban 2017

World Car AwardsCurrently, the competition World Car of the Year, or Car of the Year in the World, is the most prestigious award that a car can receive. This event includes an absolute winner, that in 2016, has been the Mazda MX-5, but there are also other categories such as the award for best design, best luxury car, best car prestacional and best car eco-friendly. The same model can be a winner in more than one category, as has already happened this year with the roadster from Mazda.

The World Car of the Year will increase the number of categories to 2017 by adding the best city car or “World Urban Car”. The utility models are of great demand in the most congested areas of the planet and are a type of car that every time have more acceptance. That’s why next year the smaller cars of our roads will have a category of their own. Until now they were also models eligible, although with less chances in this contest.

Mitsubishi Space Star 2016The conditions you have to meet models who want to be the “Urban ” World Car” are based on the usual characteristics of this type of city cars or suvs. The size in the first condition, and should have between one and four meters in length. In addition to that, you will have to meet a series of requirements in terms of safety, emissions, comfort, price, versatility and, of course, be able to reach speeds of dual carriageway, it therefore excludes vehicles without driver and similar models.

in addition To fulfilling the above list of requirements, it is also mandatory that the model has started its commercialization in at least two continents prior to the next spring.

Source – World Car of the Year