The car production in the Uk in 2016 is approaching historical highs

Land Rover Reino Unido fábrica

as is The case in Spain, the automotive sector English is very important. Good proof of this is that many brands of cars rely on the factories in the country to produce their models. However, the positive vote in favour of Brexit could bring complications to it since his departure from the European Union saldaría with the expulsion of the free trade agreements and trade retaliation from third countries.

however and before that it all arrives (and it is a reality or a speculation) The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT) has presented its annual study. In it, the experts of this agency to evaluate the behavior of the production of cars in the country anglo-saxon. As has been highlighted in Uk are getting closer to overcoming the historic record that managed to get in the already distant year of 1972, but if you continue to evolve as it has up to now achieved in a very short time.

Mini Reino Unido fábrica

During the past year 2016 of the factories in the United Kingdom came out a total of 1.722.698 new vehicles. This represents an 8.5 percent more than what occurred in the past, 2015 and the highest amount produced from the year 1999. In addition, this number should continue to grow for the next few years as the 80 percent of this production is exported to more than 160 markets the length and breadth of the world.

main points productive of the country are formed by: Jaguar and Land Rover as they have in the Uk all their factories (main) and design studies. General Motors for its part, has in the Port of Ellesmore the center, which makes the Vauxhall Astra. The third centre is that of Sunderland Nissan because from there goes out to all the world its successful Qashqai. These along to those who have Toyota, Mini, Rolls Royce and other manufacturers could allow Uk reach two million vehicles manufactured of face to the year 2020 and thereby exceeding the record previously mentioned.

but before the automotive industry English overfly two dangers that could derail their ambitions. The first is that if your exit from the European Union is done by the bad their trade agreements would be null and their products would pay high taxes and tariffs to reach other countries. The second is that the fault of the Brexit the investments of the brands are falling and therefore the factories of the country could lose the exclusivity on their models and see their productive capacity diminished.

Time and patience. To see how this 2017.

Source – The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)