The car without a license more powerful in the world comes from the hand of Aixam

Aixam Coupé GTI

Aixam Coupe GTI, with a motor that throws a power 8.16 HP (6 kW).

Aixam, the French company that takes you from the year 1983 manufacturing all kinds of microcar, has unveiled its renewed range. A range that incorporates major new features like the car without a license more powerful in the world, or different versions of “electrified”. After the celebration of the Paris motor show 2016, Aixam has introduced its new array composed of eleven models and three body: City, Coupé and Crossline.

Each of the coachwork of this car without driving it has a focus and specific design. For example, the Aixam City looks more rational, and that, combined with its compact dimensions, makes it ideal for the city. For its part, the Aixam Coupe seeks to offer a more sporty, while the Aixam Crossline has certain characteristics unique to the SUV segment thanks to the protections of black plastic.

With the regulations on anti-pollution, you lift the weight limit for the quads up to the 425 kilograms and, to compensate for the increased weight, also has raised the power limit, ranging from 4 kW to 6 kW. The engines of Aixam, developed next to Kubota, now cast a power of 8,16 CV. So, as we have said, we are in the car without driving more powerful world.

Aixam - interior

The renewed range of Aixam premiered now two electric versions with a range of between 75 and 110 km.

however, the increase of the power is not the only novelty that we find in the renewed range of Aixam. It has worked on improving the sound insulation of passenger compartment while we have also optimized the heating system. It has also expanded the capacity of load of the trunk. Now the trunk cubicará between 700 and 1,100 litres in function of the body selected.

The technological leap provided by the new Aixam is also noteworthy. With the system Aixam Connect and through a touch screen we will be able to enjoy the system of information and entertainment of the French brand. We will have Bluetooth connectivity and USB as well as the ability to play audio in streaming. And optionally we can equip a rear-view camera.

Reach the Aixam electric

Another of the big novelties that we offer you a French manufacturer of cars without driving is the introduction of two versions with an electric motor that start from the base of the models City and Coupe. This is the Aixam e-City and Aixam e-Coupé. The autonomy is between 75 and 110 miles and the charging time of the battery is only 3.5 hours.