The case of the mysterious Mustang the fastest in the world and the police of Oklahoma


Ford Mustang GT V8 2011.

just a few days Ago a lad of 19 years became news for a large number of international media, when the highway patrol Oklahoma stop by circular to 208 miles per hour in a Mustang, while fleeing from the police. This happened last November 13, according to various media outlets on the 14th, in Oklahoma City, united States.

That someone flees from the police in a highway already is not news, because it is unfortunately something almost common, especially in the united States, however, the high speed reached for the 19-year-old, named Hector Fraire, was that the news ran like wildfire through the various online media.

we Had proof of this fact in the mid of this week, and although in a first moment we do not consider it relevant, after think about it for a few days we have the next question:

¿What kind of Mustang is capable of reaching 334.74 km/h (208 mph)?

Probably, many of you may have gone undetected how high is really that speed to read in mph in the first paragraph, like us, that although we are used to handle numbers in that system of measures, in many occasions we do not do the mental calculation immediately.


above, Hector Fraire, taking your photo for the mugshot, the 13/11/16.

so, back to the vehicle in question, what a Ford Mustang was driving Hector Fraire that night?, able to overcome the maximum speed of models like the Lamborghini Gallardo or any Ferrari V8 street of the story and of course, any Mustang is known.

According to the facts described, Fraire was driving a Mustang model 2011, but without specifying version, finish or of course if it was modified. According to the declaration of the agents, in a first moment, he was clocked 84 mph (135 km/h) in a zone limited to 70 mph, and after trying to stop Freire sped up, fleeing the patrol as I turned off the car lights, in an attempt to escape. During the chase, he returned to take the speed with the radar gun coming in to measure a first time 176 mph (283 km/h) and finally the famous nearly 335 km/h (208 mph).

After this, the driver of the Mustang took an exit of the motorway and is lost, but another police patrol recognized him moments later, and he was arrested without opposing resistance at a red light.

I Suppose that, like us, you’ve wondered what kind of police vehicles managed to reach al “Mustang flying”. About it there is no information, but searching on Google has found that the highway patrol Oklahoma usually used currently vehicles such as the Dodge Charger, we understand that with one of the usual “packet police” that marks north american offered to the bodies of safety.

, These consist of configurations of frame more rigid, better suspensions and brakes, as well as minor mechanical upgrades. Although in none of the cases known, including the vehicles of persecution, are changes that permit or get close to the 300 km/h.


One of the usual Dodge Charger of the highway patrol Oklahoma.

Regardless of how they managed to catch him, still remains to be clarified as it managed Fraire reach those speeds with a Mustang 2011. Although it has not been revealed which version it was, most media point to a Mustang GT, equipped with the V8 5.0-liter, but even with that version, the 300 km/h are very far away.

At that time, the range Mustang 2011 was composed of the 3 versions main, Mustang V6, Mustang GT V8 and the Shelby GT500. As you can see in the table, the figures of power of those versions are very respectable, but not enough to be able to get close to those speeds.

Mustang 2011 V6 > V8 GT500
Motor V6 V8 V8
Cilindrada 3.7-liter 5.0-liter 5.4-liter
Power 309 PS (305 hp) 417 HP(412 hp) 557 HP (550 hp)
maximum Torque 379,6 Nm 528,7 Nm 691,4 Nm

the maximum speed of The Shelby GT500 2011, with 557 PS (550 hp) is 304 km/h (189 mph), but the Mustang GT’s standard is only 250 km/h (155 mph) since it is electronically limited, although its speedometer brand up to 160 mph.

is Not complicated in the united States to find a Mustang motor with a aftermarket 700 HP or more, although it requires numerous changes and, above all, a high economic cost, considerably higher than the current price of a Mustang, 2011 second hand.


Ford Mustang fifth generation in a Drag Race NHRA.

it May be likely that the indeterminate Mustang Fraire was modified, but even so, hardly enough to to be able to be a mount stable enough at those speeds, since all the necessary power to reach that speed will require some significant improvements in the frame, and more than likely some modifications of aerodynamic.

it Is difficult to imagine a brick as the Mustang of the fifth generation, aerodynamically speaking, far surpassing so leisurely 300 km/h and still being able to take curves as to move with the with safety.

surely there are participants of the National Hot Rod Association with Mustangs even more powerful, but it is almost impossible that Hector Fraire, of only 19 years, was the above-mentioned night by taking a ride by a highway in Oklahoma with one of these devices.

The most probable cause is more simple, it can be a mere error of the reader of speed. Either through misuse or a poor calibration, which give rise to an erroneous reading, or even, that this had the option to give the reading in both miles per hour and in kilometers per hour, and the agents not noticed.

In any of the cases, Hector Fraire surpassed the limits of speed and fled from the authorities, so that you will have to pay. Although probably we will always doubt as to his mysterious Mustang managed to reach that figure in the reader of speed.