The Caterham Seven SuperSprint sold in less than 7 hours

The new model with retro style the british firm has achieved a big milestone within the brand, since it is responsible for the fastest selling model in its range. Caterham hung the sign “sold out” in less than 7 hours. Amazing.

The Caterham Seven SuperSprint, presented at the event Goodwood Revival of this year, has a clear inspiration in the cars that ran the Le Mans race back in the 60’s. The british firm managed to sell 60 units in that short space of time.

30 of those cars will be left in the british isles, while the other 30 will be sent to Europe. The Caterham Seve SuperSprint has a price of 30,000 pounds, a few 33.700 euros. These 60 vehicles constitute 10% of the total sales of the brand.

This means that Caterham so has only sold 600 copies of their model Seven in 2016, but the firm expects that number to increase considerably in the coming years. We hope that the quick sale of the SuperSprint is a glimpse of it.

“After the amazing result last year in terms of sales of the Sprint, we were waiting for some figures similar to the SuperSprint. That said, sell all the units in less than 7 hours is something that we have never experienced, and has set a new precedent in sales for Caterham.” said David Ridley, Chief Commercial officer of the british firm.

The Seven SuperSprint is equipped with a three-cylinder engine of 95 horsepower associated to a manual gearbox of 5 speeds. At a glance these figures do not seem to be a great sport, but is that your weight it is expected that his weight is between 500 and 600 kilograms, as the majority of models in its range.

on the other hand, it has a limited slip differential and is rear-wheel drive, so for sure it is a car very fun to drive. On the other hand, the interior is clearly inspired by the racing cars of the 60’s, and is composed of a steering wheel finished in wood and padded seats.

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