The Cavalcade Classiche Ferrari 2017 gathered 70 classic valued at over 300 million


The route of several days, went through some emblematic points of the region.

At the beginning of this month took place the Cavalcade Classiche Ferrari in Italy, one of the most special events prepared by the Italian brand this year to commemorate the 70 years from the birth of the brand and that counted with the presence of 70 Ferrari classics from very different corners of the world.

In total, the participants came from more than 20 different nations, including some from places as remote as Japan, they brought their exceptional classic models, the most representative of the history of the brand.

The event took place from 5 to 9 may in Tuscany and carried out a tour of some of the most emblematic of the area, such as Pisa or Modena, in addition to a mandatory stop in Maranello. If in Modena made a stop at the original home of Enzo Ferrari, today seat of the museum that bears his name, in Maranello had stops in the factory and in the Fiorano circuit, where they gave a series of laps escorted by the last and the first model of the brand, the LaFerrari Aperta and the 125 S.


More than 300 million euros in sports.

The cast of model participants was so large and heterogeneous that it seemed a historical catalogue of the Italian firm, as intended in the organization of the event. In the event Ferrari Cavalcade usual we can find many current models, or of the latter years of the brand, from the V8 range to the hiperdeportivos limited edition, but on this occasion, all the models were very previous.

Some of them true gems multi-billion dollar firm, as the 340 Mille Miglia and 250 Le Mans, or the 250 SWB, which appeared in its variants coupé and Spyder, the 500 TR and 860 Monza and even a 250 Tour de France from Japan. Next to these were the more modern Daytona coupe and Spyder, Dino, or Berlinetta Boxer.

In the video below we get to come in person to the Cavalcade Classiche of the hand of the popular youtuber Marchetinno, which is internal in this spectacular caravan and shows us up close the special exemplary participants in the caravan, who according to the youtuber sumán more than 300 million euros in sports.