The cemetery of sporting Triumph


The vast majority are copies of the TR4 or TR6.

cemeteries of cars are always fascinating places for any fan of the motor world. Are endowed with an aura almost magical, that makes it virtually impossible not to turn your head when passing along them, although to know for certain that the only thing we will see is junk. However, for an amateur are not simple clusters of plastic and rusty metal, but a place full of history, each one of the vehicles that lie in the.

Although we do not usually dedicate ourselves to this type of spaces, the one that occupies us today has caught our attention, by the evident and enigmatic history that had to be after the.

Located a few kilometres to the south of Manchester, England, this small cemetery of british sports and jumped up to the network now for a few years for a peculiarity is very obvious in all the vehicles that were there were of the signature Triumph. One of the brands british classic par excellence, responsible for some of the models most mythical of the automotive industry English.


The british sports are stacked on each other.

See assembled such a number of sports this brand, as the long-cherished and desirable TR4 or TR6, some of the classics, the most valued of the british firm today, it makes one wonder how they ended up that way, and in that state of apparent abandonment. What attracted the attention of numerous photographers and explorers in nearby urban the place, so that it is relatively easy to find many images of this place on the network.

To get in position, a copy in acceptable state of any of the models mentioned above is around $ 15,000, in the case of being in a state of competition, their value will shoot up to near the $ 50,000 in which is quoted a TR4 1965. And we do not speak of models valued in the Uk only, the majority of the production of the factory English was destined for export, the united States and continental Europe mainly.

This small cemetery is located on an airfield in the town of Appleton, and so that we can check on the images taken by Dave Harding, has not only of exemplary british, that is to say, with right-hand drive or RHD. One of its peculiarities is that we find numerous units with the steering wheel to the left or LHD.


a Few specimens retain some components.

Find models with steering wheel to the left in Great Britain it is not uncommon, in many instances, the british usually import vehicles from multiple nationalities, which by default they have that setting. But finding multiple units of a manufacturer with the steering wheel in the wrong place in a same corner of England is not much less common.

And a second look at the photos we discover even a drive of competition SCCA, acronym Sports Car Club of America, body federation of motor sport in north America, in charge of the organization of multiple events. The TR4 in question, it looks clearly, your steering wheel to the left, so that it is clear at least your country of origin.

Subsequent inquiries about the name that appeared on the side of this TR4 of competition, Mike Mueller, concluded that they could belong to a former member of the Triumph Car Club for Chicago and Northern Illinois, which was precisely the vice.


The copy is more rare, a TR4 competition.

With regard to the reason for that is to meet as many copies intended for export in this place it is more simple than it seems. After appear the first images of the location in the network, many people and fans were interested in the history, so that in a very short time he managed to unravel the mystery.

The vast majority of animals that Triumph produced from these sports in the decades of the sixties and seventies were intended for export, mainly to the united States, one of its most important markets along with the rest of Europe. So the vast majority of units had steering wheel to the left.

At the beginning of the decade of the nineties, in the Uk there was a small rush of these sports models, Triumph disappeared as such in the mid-eighties, and is simply replaced by Rover in the majority of markets. The scarcity of copies, and on all spare parts, forced to repatriate those units that had crossed the pond, so that on all units specifications USED were imported back to Britain.


A TR4 virtually scrapped, curious that you keep something chrome.

hence the abundance of specimens with the steering wheel to the left in this cemetery, as many of these Triumph returnees had as destination serve as mere donors of parts. Therefore it is believed that the TR4 competition also lived the same fate, because as you can see in the pictures, has been stripped of virtually all of its mechanical elements, as the rest of the books that will accompany it.

In regards to those responsible for putting together such a quantity of models of the brand in this place, its identity also came soon to light. It comes from the warehouse to the open air of TR Blitz, a reputable shop uk specialized in brand models. Not only are responsible for repair or sell models of the now defunct british firm, they also have a catering service specialized in these mythical models, so that you understand that you have seen in the need to store somehow the empty shells that were in a worse state or that they had no possible solution.

After given to know the images, the company decided to clean up the place, achatarrando racks useless, storing what could be of interest and recovering the racing version of the TR4 now serves as the object of exposure, to shelter from the weather and the high humidity of the british climate.


Currently, the cemetery Triumph of Appleton does not exist.

The cemetery Triumph, as we have believed that we had to call it, had a ephemeral but interesting history, and most importantly a happy ending that is difficult to guess from looking at these images, because these served to to return to the lives of the other copies in better condition, which otherwise, they would have finished their days in other cemeteries of scrap metal in the Uk.