The CEO of the Volkswagen Group will not go to the Auto Show in Detroit

Grupo Volkswagen CEO

Auto Detroit Show will open its doors to the public the next day, January 8, and the different brands that will be present are already preparing all the heavy artillery to give your best face to the american public. One of the marks (and group automobile) that will be there will be Volkswgen. The German consortium will be in the appointment american models are very important to them as the great SUV Atlas or the sports version of its Passat is american.

To give the typical talk to the media about the brand, the news that there will be and the future that will take the group in the united States we all hoped that was the great chief, Matthias Müller. However, the firm has announced that even is not confirmed the presence Müller because they still do not know the final result of the research that are open in the country against the emissions of their engines and diesel with their presence they do not want to irritate the respectable.

Grupo Volkswagen

we Must remember that Matthias Müller was strongly criticized for the celebration of the Auto Detroit Show of the year 2016 to lie to a means of communication from the us on the real situation of the emissions of their diesel engines. This situation made the people present in the room, and many authoritative voices of the industry you accuse of which was hindering the solution to the problem of their engines.

Will have to see how does it solve the Volkswagen Group this ballot because, although their image in the country of Uncle Sam is very touched it is still one of their most important markets. In spite of everything during the past year [19459004their]enrollment only have fallen 7.6 percent achieving sell 322.948 vehicles new. Meanwhile, with the new strategy of the German consortium (electric vehicles and autonomous) hopes to solve this situation and recover the ground that they are losing in the united States.

Source – Volkswagen Group AG