The championship of independent computers that F1 has rejected


The Formula 1 is a growing discipline and elite, from
years ago, the reduction of costs is part of all
conversations related to the competition
, the regulation and its

The independent teams -that do not have the direct support of
a manufacturer- take quite a long time trying to find the mode
to match the competition without firing costs, or, at least, of
find new funding formulas
. Bernie Ecclestone
announced some weeks ago that it would consider a new mode more
equitably distribute the benefits from the rights of
exploitation of the championship but, if confirmed, would not take
in force until the end of the current Covenant of the Concordia in

The last idea, presented by Force India and unveiled by
Autosport, consists of to create a championship of independent computers,
parallel and included in the current
. The teams will participate in the
same way that they do now, but would have its own
championship -in addition to the already existing – to win impact.

The problem is that two of the six teams theoretically
involved -Williams, Toro Rosso, Force India, Sauber, Manor and
Haas – are not convinced with the main idea of the project:
limit the budget to $ 100 million annually, without
to include in the limit expenses of marketing, hospitality and
contracts of the pilots


According to said Bob Fernley, Force India, is going to take a
meeting to address the issue in Hockenheim, but Williams and Toro Rosso are not in agreement with the proposal. In this regard, Franz Tost,
main responsible for the team of Faenza, admits that “from the
point of view of Red Bull, it makes no sense because it creates a society
of the two classes. If you start with that, and a budget ceiling of
100 million, you can’t develop anything and, from the point of view
of the performance, you’re last. We should have a limit
budget for all. The question is whether you can control it,
but this makes no sense”

Gunther Steiner, Haas admits that “we are interested,therefore,
we wanted to hear more, but never got to the point to be discussed
really. It was an idea that someone (Force India) was brought to light,
but some (Williams and Toro Rosso) did not want to participate and soon