The Chevrolet Bolt could be delayed by their batteries

Chevrolet Bolt EVelectric vehicles are assuming for the automotive sector and the energy industry a complete revolution. In addition to having to adapt our driving style to this type of energy companies will also have to adapt. General Motors is one of the industrial groups that are more is a commitment to electrify its range, and as proof of this, we have to the next Chevy’s Bolt and Opel Ampera-e.

These models will arrive sooner rather than later to the market and General Motors has placed in them many hopes. Not in vain have to make us forget its very successful predecessors. However, as we know, Chevrolet and therefore Opel, may have problems with the official supplier of the batteries that assemble their cars. If this were true, their models may experience delays when making deliveries to customers.

Chevrolet Bolt EVVP, a supplier of batteries for GM, would have to stop their production lines and now could not give service to the brands of the General. This situation would be timely, and once you go through the bottle-neck is going through the production deliveries of batteries would be carried out with total normality.

LG Chem, the subsidiary that manufactures these batteries directly to VP would be working to the maximum of its productive capacity to have a list of the more than 30,000 thousand batteries that you would need to start assembly of Chevy’s Bolt and Opel Ampera-e.

we Must remember that these batteries are formed by a 288-cell lithium-ion battery and thanks to this, have a weight of only 435 pounds. In addition, they are equipped with a thermal conditioning system active so that the temperature within the core of the battery is stable. In addition, and although it will depending on the market in which it sells, the brand will provide the customer with a warranty of 8 years or 160.000 km.

Source – CarsCoops