The Chevrolet Bolt in addition to electric, it will also be self-contained

San Francisco is close to the area of Silicon Valley, the nerve centre of the technology world. In that valley, not only are the headquarters of Google or Facebook for example, but also the core technology of most automobile manufacturers. There arise creations like this, the future Chevrolet Bolt self, seen for the first time.


The test units were not in stand-alone mode, but yes they wore the equipment installed

To the beginning of the year Chevrolet introduced in society to the small Bolt EV. A utility power with a range of 320 kilometers. A practical solution and viable to the hustle and bustle of day-to-day and for some other reason, such as for taxis and other services of green mobility.

it Is for this reason that Chevrolet has deemed as the perfect platform to begin developing autonomous cars of the future. We see it as on the roof has installed a set of cameras of 360th, as well as sensors and lasers that are in charge of monitoring all that is happening around the car.

we have Already seen many other prototypes of autonomous dressed in this way. Sure you remember the Google cars for example. In terms of this future Bolt self, tstill lot of time left for that to be viable. First you have to get the car base to the dealers, one thing that has not made.


The cameras, sensors, radars and lasers will be in charge of controlling all the perimeter of the car

however these spy photos we used to know that Chevrolet has added to the tendency of the driving autonomously. The fever of a few years ago for hybrid cars, today it has gone to the car self-guided. All manufacturers are in the process of I+D, because they know that the future lies in these developments.