The Chevrolet Bolt will be the basis of the next Buick SUV electric

The current situation of General Motors is the less curious. In a matter of a decade has gone from being the group’s largest car world to be located between the fifth and tenth in the ranking. As the saying goes “to base of falls learns the rider”, and General Motors has needed a few (of the fat) to realize that the size in this life is not everything.

implosion that is living the group collides against the expansion plans of every other sector, but what we may not know is that they still have reason. No, I do not mean that you have to be small to survive in this complex world, but it seems have focused on unit profitability instead of the volume pure and hard. For this reason, we do not think it’s risky to have exited markets where more money they were losing to focus on earning money.

One of them is China and the signature that best satisfaction given to them in that country Buick. The house of three shields is maintaining a pace of sales more than good, and to take advantage of his pull, the american group wants to get into the heart of the local market. This is, lazar electrical products that meet the demands of the customers in the country.

The first product that will arrive will be the Velite 5 and after him new SUV cutting electric. Both models take as a basis the same platform for electric vehicles that has been developed by General Motors and which also gives life to the Opel Ampera-e. With this launch, the u.s. firm could position in two niche markets that does not stop growing, the the SUVS and electric cars.

As has been leaked by a source close to the brand the future Buick EV Crossover is essentially the same model that the Chevrolet Bolt but with exterior modifications to make it unique. This is, as your platform, mechanical and technological solutions will be those already known in the model of the bow tie but with a different format and different design.

Will have to see if finally General Motors dares to cast this model in the other markets where it is present and if you choose to with he start of a new offensive in the demanding european market.

Source – Automotive News

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