The Chevrolet Bolt will not arrive in 2016 all the markets announced


Until 2017 will not be available in all markets.

like the new Opel Ampera-e, which as we told you few days ago, will not reach all european markets in 2017, the Chevrolet Bolt will not have its announced simultaneous launch in all the markets of the united States. Although the initial plans contemplated their marketing in all the states before the end of this year, finally will only be the customers of the states of California and Oregon to find the new Bolt at the dealer in the next few weeks.

In the rest of the states will not be available until 2017, but also with a complete marketing, since it will only be marketed in some areas and in limited quantities.

why California and Oregon will be the first states to receive the long-awaited electric Chevrolet is simple, along with the scandinavian countries form the set of markets where the segment electric has more success. And therefore, is indispensable that Chevy so enter as soon as possible.


California and Oregon will be the first to receive it.

it Is expected that the Bolt be a whole revolution in the market, which not only will have a lot more autonomy than their competitors like, but that comes with a price that is very eye-catching to be a electric, 37.495 usd. A price highly studied, because after the incentive of the government of $ 7,500 per student to enroll a electric the price is reduced to 29.995 dollars, just 5 below $ 30,000, the announced price by GM in 2014.

With 383 kilometers certified by the EPA, by the time the Bolt will become the model average over the range of the market, not counting the current models of Tesla Motors, fitted in segments such as crossover premium or luxury saloon.

After the arrival of the Bolt, we expect the final presentation and subsequent launch of the Tesla Model 3, which promises to 344 miles of range for just $ 35,000 before incentives, something less than the price of the Bolt.