The Chevrolet Camaro beats the Mustang in sales for the second time


The Camaro is back to beat the seemingly unbeatable Mustang.

Normally we tend not to talk about the sales of a segment as unique as the pony cars in the united States, because not only is it not a segment real, since these models are framed in the sports segment, but really there are very few models, the three classics from Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge.

however these continue to be protagonists of exception, and in the united States continues the duel that lasts for decades in that market, although in recent times there has been no real struggle, as the sixth generation of the Mustang has been proclaimed the winner it month after month since its launch.

that is why it is so striking that the Camaro, whose current generation has become the eternal second in the ranking of sales, has managed to overtake on the monthly figures to the Ford model. In fact, is only the second time that this happens with the current generations of these sports. The first occasion was last September, coincidentally when the Camaro was celebrating its 50th anniversary. This was the first time that the Camaro has dominated the Mustang in almost two years.


Both models expect a prompt update.

The numbers this past month of April 2017 has been closed with 8.063 units for the Ford Mustang in front of the 8.737 Camaro, which means a notable drop from the 37 percent with respect to the same month of the last year of the Mustang compared to an increase of 17 percent on the part of the model of Chevrolet. What that underlines the fall, which is suffering from the Mustang since the end of last year, as I discussed when we met that he had managed to be the sports most sold in the world in 2016.

The causes are very simple, in addition to the very slowdown in the north american market, while the Mustang has not presented changes in your model 2017 or special incentives, when precisely has already been presented the renewed Mustang 2018, Chevrolet had a slight update to the range Camaro 2017, including a new version of access more economic and better promotions in the showrooms. In autumn comes the new Mustang 2018, and at least until next year we do not expect major changes in the range Camaro, so the current models are still some time struggling in the market.

With respect to the Dodge Challenger, this will be a slight step behind these models, though with a firm step, which is very remarkable given its age. In April managed to increase 5 percent, sales with regard to April 2016, achieving place 6.591 vehicles.