The Chevrolet Camaro is celebrating its 50th anniversary ahead of the Mustang in sales


50 years of the Camaro.

The past September 29 the Chevrolet Camaro was celebrating the 50th anniversary of his birth, and the very next day I closed the that is for the time being the best month of sales of this model generation, with 6.577 copies delivered, ahead of even the Ford Mustang in sales by the first time in nearly two years.

surely the best way to celebrate such an event for the executives of General Motors, which since November 2014 had been seen as the pony car of Ford fought a month-to-month to your model. And while it may seem otherwise, this chance is statistical not due to the fact of the anniversary, but a policy of prices and discounts and more aggressive that was premiered precisely in the month of September, which has had its fruits immediately.

The Camaro managed to outdo the Ford Mustang in 148 specimens during the month of September thanks to the fact that the discounts are up an average of 1,080 dollars in August to the 3.340 dollars in the month of September. Strategy that aims to to lighten the stock of Camaro model, 2016 before the arrival of the new Camaro Model Year 2017.


congratulations to the Camaro for the 50th anniversary of the Mustang in 2014.

The duel Mustang-Camaro is not a trivial issue, the marketing departments of GM and Ford lead waging this war since now 50 years ago came the Camaro to the market, as the model for 1967. In recent times, the Camaro was the clear winner, between 2010 and 2014 had surpassed the fifth generation model of Ford, but the arrival of the new and current generation of the Mustang he had reversed that situation until the day of today, which has forced Ford to close even the line of production of the Mustang for a week, due to the decline of sales of this last month.

In the annual accumulated, the Mustang is clearly ahead of the new Camaro sixth generation, with 87.258 units compared to the 54.535 units of the Camaro until the month of September. So for the moment, it seems that 2016 will also be the year of the Mustang, which also recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, an occasion on which it was duly congratulated by the Camaro.

To commemorate this occasion, Chevrolet launched last spring, a special edition 50th anniversary for the Camaro, as is usual in the u.s. internet firms, it is a choice of finish optional, in this case exclusively for versions (2LT and 2SS Camaro, in place of to be a version as such.


Camaro 50th Anniversary Special Edition.

This new version special is available in body coupe and convertible, and is distinguished by having unique elements, as the Grey Dusk metallic, convertible, black on the Camaro open, 20-inch wheels specific to the occasion of the 50 anniversary in the center cap, brake calipers in orange color, exterior graphics-exclusive, front grille in satin finish, and the interior in black leather with details in finish leather back with stitching in contrast color orange.

we will Find the reason for the 50th anniversary in various elements, such as moldings, steering wheel, seatbacks, or the panel itself instrumentation. In the case of the Camaro 2LT we also find added the package optional RS, with the outer elements more aggressive.

mechanically, the special edition does not show any kind of improvement or novelty, to be available in principle, with the three mechanics that the Camaro 2017, four cylinder in-line 2.0-liter turbo 278 CV (275 hp), the V6 3.6-liter 340 HP (335 hp) and the V8 6.2 litre, 461 HP (455 hp).


All generations of the Chevy Camaro next to the 50th Anniversary Edition.

in Addition to this special edition, available from mid-year, Chevrolet was preparing a series of events and meetings in the united States to commemorate the anniversary, bringing together thousands of copies of the legendary pony car.

In the same way, the brand has launched a number of elements of lifestyle, commemorative, as well as a series of audiovisual productions, prepared expressly for the purpose to celebrate this date, using old footage of these five decades of life of the famous pony car from Chevy, interrupted on occasion, as I have in your time.