The Chevrolet Cavalier will return to the mexican market

The name Cavalier will return to the offer of Chevrolet in Mexico after many years of absence will return to capture the public’s attention more traditional.

Dand great success during the years it was on sale, the Cavalier came to life in China in the past year and since then has enjoyed very good sales to the point of considering export to new markets. Mexico will be one of their destinations, although it is known that will also be offered in other regions.

No official date yet for their marketing but making clear that it will be in dealers this same year, the Cavalier is a sedan traditional cut that must compete with the Volkswagen Jetta, Nissan Sentra and, in a way, also with the sedans a bit younger as the SEAT Toledo and Suzuki Ciaz.

Developed in China by General Motors in collaboration with SAIC, uses the platform of the previous generation of the Cruze and the general rule is that it is quite basic to prevent prices to rise too much. Do not forget that it is a vehicle complementary to the rest of the range, playing a role in a secondary mode.

The new Cavalier has a total length of 4,54 meters and presumes a relationship habitability-size more than good thanks to a wheelbase of 2.60 meters. With suspensions comfort in mind, we imagine that there will stand out because of its dynamic behavior to facilitate the smooth absorption of bumps and other irregularities.

At least in China, the mechanics used is gasoline, with 1,5-liter displacement and 109 HP of power. With a maximum torque of 141 Nm don’t expect great performance but it will be enough for drivers to be more peaceful. In that market can be purchased with manual or automatic exchange. have yet to confirm the details for Mexico since they could make use of another engine.

Between the equipment available, it is expected that you may have air conditioning, ABS, at least two air bags, four electric windows, central locking with remote control, electric mirrors, trip computer, audio system with touch screen and access to applications, bluetooth, fog lights, electric sunroof and some chrome accents. prices could start at the 220,000 pesos to be competitive.