The Chevrolet Celta goodbye Classic market and next year will


The Chevrolet Celta it is based on a platform which already has more than 20 years. After over 15 years and more than 1.5 million units manufactured ensure that production would come to an end.


Proyecto-Jade-Chevrolet-Celta H ace and two or three months that production output Chevrolet Celta became known, after the Brazilian parts suppliers indicate that the plant had ceased to apply elements making hatchback. But now according to the Brazilian indicating Automotive Business Portal Celta production has stopped completely in Gravataí plant in Rio Grande do Sul.

After 15 years and more than 1.5 million units, the Chevrolet Celta farewell to the market.

Again providers and significant others with the metalworkers’ union who formed the news were not yet made official.

The assembly of Celta, who had started just over 15 years ago would come to an end 20 days ago . But that would not be the only change that General Motors is planning for your family current models, because there will be some more changes in the coming months.

GM is already defining the modifications that will not only plant in Brazil, but also in that of Argentina , where it will be produced the next generation Chevrolet Cruze. The Classic veteran will leave production in the first half of next year because it must give way to the assembly lines of the plant in Rosario, to result in the production of Cruze II .

However, ensure that General Motors is already looking like it will do to fill the gap caused by the departure of Celta. It seems that will be a good basic version of Onix , which will become the new entry model of the brand, at least in Brazil.

The Onix is one of the products of higher sales level Brazil while Classic is one of the most sold Argentina. should be observed closely as GM resolve the situation in both markets.





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