The Chevrolet Corvette is more expensive and valued to date


Range Chevrolet Corvette.

If we ignore the latest evidence that seem to confirm the rumors that point to a new Corvette-mid-engine, the current one will be the last generation of the Corvette as we know it. The latest spy photos coming to us from the united States reveal even a next variant most radical Corvette, a version that had also been advanced in these same rumors, so it seems that Chevrolet unveiled at the Detroit motor show 2017 a new Corvette ZR1.

The Corvette is not only a sports model, is an institution in his native country. From his birth to the beginning of the fifties has survived a few recessions and severe economic crises, being a silent witness to the progress of not only hundreds of models but of marks in full, including within the group itself General Motors.

In total, have been seven generations with many versions, both mechanical and bodywork, passing by variants of competition and special editions. The legacy of the Corvette engine in the front as a model is very wide, having both generations and versions more desirable than others, however, for this article we will focus exclusively on issues or specific versions, by his quote, or by that official and publicly has come to pay more at some point.


Chevrolet Corvette C1 1955

Corvette 1955

The first generation of the Corvette was born in 1953 with a six cylinder engine, the only one in the history of the model,and until 1955 was not available the first V8 small block, of 4.2 liters and an output of about 197 HP.

Of this model were produced only 700 copies, in only 3 colors and most of them with the same automatic transmission that mounted the Corvette 6-cylinder. Although he later added for the first time an automatic transmission, little diffusion, in addition to a very few copies that installed the previous block of 6 cylinders in line.

Together with the C1, 1953, the model of 1955 is one of the most rare and therefore the most valuable to be very difficult to find. Outwardly, to the naked eye is easy to recognize because many of them are not in the single tone of white that was available on the 1953 model, in addition to a logo slightly redesigned. Its current value is around the 113,000 dollars.


Chevrolet Corvette C1 “Fuelie” 1957

Corvette “Fuelie” 1957

The version 1957 of the generation C1 Corvette was the complete redesign that had premiered the Corvette the previous year, 1956, and was the last that equipped the optics front of a single light. These developments banished definitely the six-cylinder engine and the number of options increased considerably.

One of these options was the injection of GM-Rochester, hence the nickname “Fuelie” (Fuel Injection, in English), still available in the Corvette years before that in the Mercedes 300 SL gullwing. These versions were equipped with a engine of 4.6-liter capable of delivering more than 290 HP.

only joined a little over 1,000 copies with this option a mechanical, hence their rarity. Specimens of greater value exceed us $ 100,000, and the copy of the top image was 129.200 dollars in an auction in Florida.


Chevrolet Corvette C2 “Tanker” 1963

Corvette Z06 “Big Tank” 1963

This was the year that debuted the acclaimed second-generation Corvette, called the Sting Ray and that only that first year had the famous rear window split, getting these individuals the nickname ‘Split window’, being so tremendously listed.

That same year was born also one of the names of mythical model, the version Z06, aimed at customers that wish to compete with the model. And although this option could be requested through the channels of regular orders, Regular Production Order, or RPO, the new pieces that made up this version were duly hidden, for that only true connoisseurs could be requested through the order RPO Z06 in your dealer. If the Corvette base had a 253 HP, the Z06 had a block L84 5.4-liter with more than 360 HP.

The nickname “Big Tank” is because as were designed for competition, had a huge fuel tank which nearly doubled the volume of the standard model, in addition to numerous pieces designed to raise the performance of the model. The prices of these few units exceed the $ 200,000.


Chevrolet Corvette C1 1953

Corvette 1953

This version was the first of all. The first Corvette that came to the market after the success that was the prototype EX-122 presented at the exhibition General Motors Motorama in January 1953.

Chevrolet intended to launch a model of european cut, for which, and taking as a base the prototype of Motorama, manufactured by hand the first and only units of the Corvette in 1953. All of them six-cylinders, automatic 3-speed transmission, and exterior color white with red upholstery.

These units had multiple failures of finishing, having a very bad host, the next version of 1954, which is virtually identical to the previous model. However, its historical value and its scarcity make it one of the most valued for collectors. Your quote is officially in the $ 300,000, however, as most specimens do not reach the market, but that change hands in private sales, it is believed that they have come to pay figures above a million dollars.


Chevrolet Corvette C3 L88 1969

Corvette L88 1969

The generation C3 is without any doubt the least valued of the model, at the beginning of the seventies had to cope with the oil crisis, so he spent a large part of his business career in the considered worst era of motorsport in north america.

however, in the early years of this generation were launched versions today are considered mythical, as the equipped with the pack L88, consisting of improvements designed to elevate the performance to the maximum, making it an authentic racing vehicle-enrolled, with the engine L88 427 big block 7.0-liter as the only option mechanics.

although this option was available, what is certain is that it was hidden to the public, since Chevrolet was forced to include in the offering only for reasons of approval for the championships, the SCCA and GT of the FIA. These specimens conveniently prepared were able to reach powers around the 500 HP and in Le Mans, achieved speeds of over 270 km/h. Hence, the few units that were built of these reach prices of close to half a million dollars.


Chevrolet Corvette C2 427/390 1967

Corvette 427/390 1967

Also known as the Corvette McNamara, this individual starred in one of the anecdotes more strange that we know. Don McNamara was a fighter of the Korean War, when he returned home in 1966, he decided to celebrate with their friends in Las Vegas. There you will hit a prize of $ 5,000 on a slot machine and decided to fulfill his dream, a Corvette with the option of engine 427 Big Block 390 HP.

After to buy the model to your liking with all the options desirable, as the sport tires of a central nut, exhaust outlets to the side and others, McNamara enjoyed the Corvette for a short period of time, until you simply stated that I didn’t have it, without revealing too many details of when I had sold it or why.

Years later, in 2011, Mr. McNamara died without family or children, naming as heirs to their only and best friends for more than 20 years, neighbors of the house next door. Which, when they entered to take possession of the housing were the surprise of encountering a vehicle in the garage covered with flags, vehicle that had not been constancy in those 22 years, despite having been numerous times in the house of his friend.


Chevrolet Corvette C2 427/390 or “Corvette Mac”

The vehicle turned out to be the same Corvette that Mr. McNamara had purchased in 1966, and that was already 45 years old hiding in his garage, denying in every moment of its existence.

But if this fact is curious, the state of the Corvette is what really made this dog out front page news. After using it with care during the first year, the vehicle was parked in the garage and only got to move it on rare occasions. Moments that McNamara got to walking around, hidden by the night so that nobody could see him. After almost half a century, the Corvette was still in the same state that it had been delivered, as it not only he had not ever received the touch of the rain or the wet asphalt, in addition, the only seat of the Corvette that had been used some time it was the own armchair of the driver, while the passenger is still brand new.

Automatically, this Corvette became the best example of the originality of the existing model, an authentic, irreplaceable reference for amateur restorers, being auctioned off in Houston in 2014 by the extraordinary amount of 797.500 dollars, the highest price for one of these copies of regular production.


Chevrolet Corvette L88 1967

Corvette L88 1967

version L88-generation C2 was also a true beast of the road. The pack L88, not only was it equipped with a huge engine L88 V8 big block 7.0-liter due to its high-compression, 12.5:1, needed gasoline of an octane special, 103 octane, which was only available at certain service stations.

Chevrolet announced a power around 435 HP, however, some experts assert that it was able to outperform the 500 HP. The decade of the sixties lived in the united States to an escalation of power such as has not been seen again ever in another market.

In total, only 20 copies of the brutal Corvette L88 1967 were manufactured by, hence the high price they have managed to achieve in recent times, coming to million dollars.


Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 1969

Corvette ZL1 1969

This is without any doubt one of the most unknown and least views of variants of the Corvette the entire history, which were fabricated officially only two copies, although it is known the existence of a third party. This had the extraordinary ZL1 engine, the same one that was mounted on the Camaro ZL1 and whose story as we tell you in detail recently.

This version owes its name to the pack optional ZL1, riding the aluminum-block full ZL1 V8 of 7.0 liters of more than 400 horsepower. According to some tests, their number was close really closer to 500 HP. This engine was intended for competition, was not designed to be mounted on vehicles for the street, however, as with the Camaro ended up hosted in the vain of a few ‘Vette. Few because the price of this option was about us $ 4,700, by multiplying the price of a Corvette L88 standard, a model that is already special.

Its history and extreme rarity make this unicorn one of the Corvette more expensive and impossible to get, with a price close to the million and a half dollars.


Chevrolet Corvette L88 1967

Corvette L88 1967

This model is exactly the same that we’ve talked about a few paragraphs ago, however, in 2014 it was sold by Barrett-Jackson one of these rare copies of the Corvette L88 1967 by the scandalous figure of 3.85 million dollars. The highest figure paid to date for a Corvette.

The reason is simple, this issue not only had a state of enviable shape, in addition, of the few copies that were made of the L88 1967 this one has the particularity of be the only one that came out of the factory with body color red.

During the announcement of the auction, Barrett-Jackson cited previous evidence of the power of these few copies that managed to reach figures that there were around 560 horses.


Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport spyder 1963

Corvette Grand Sport 1963

These copies become part of the legend of the Corvette. At the beginning of the sixties motor sport north american I was immersed in a battle against the small european manufacturers, usually against Ferrari, there were born projects such as the Shelby Cobra or the Ford GT40. The response of Chevrolet to this movement came from the preparation of the exciting versions Grand Sport, giving rise to the popular appellation.

In principle, the project was expected to manufacture up to 125 copies of these Corvette racing to be able to participate in the International Championship of Constructors, however, General Motors banned in 1964 for all official participation of their brands in competition, leaving the project half with only 5 prototypes made.

Of these, the chassis 002 with body spyder was auctioned in January 2009 by RM Auctions, however, despite the fact that the bids came in at 4.9 million dollars was not reached your reserve price. A few months later, the Simeone Foundation Museum, which had opened its doors recently, acquired this specimen, considered to be the most original of the survivors, for a price that has never been revealed, but it is estimated that the figure was between 6 and 8 million dollars.


The unique copy of the Corvette 1983.

of course, there were numerous versions and copies, for very various reasons are not entered on this list, such as, for example, any of the 3 Corvette of 1960 Briggs Cunningham led to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1960 or the only copy existing of the Corvette C4 1983, the model that officially never existed and that today it is a museum piece. However, the lack of reliable reports of the sale of any of these specimens has not allowed us to include them.