The Chevrolet Onix and Prisma will receive the engine, 3-cylinder, newly in 2018

The expected propellant ECOTEC three-cylinder and 1.0-litre announced by General Motors for South america, came to the family Onix-Prisma only in 2018. In addition it will be used by the substitute for Celtic.

CHEVROLET ONIX 2017Hace a few days General Motors presented in Brazil to the renewed Onix and Prisma, the two models that received a update of half of life, at the same time that the brazilian subsidiary of Chevrolet used the occasion to introduce to the market a unpublished version crossover Onyx, which bears the family name is Displayed.

however, despite the fact that many expected estrenaran announced new and more efficient three-cylinder engines, the trio of products remained the same propellants, with just a few modifications that allowed improve the consumption of fuel.

in Addition, in that same sense, is substituted the change of five speeds for a new manual transmission with six gears, were added tires with low rolling resistance and a new steering, power-assisted, furthermore, a weight reduction that in the Onix came to the 34 kg.

The manufacturer ensures that all of these modifications we managed to reduce consumption by 18% in the case of Onix, and 22% in the Prism.


The result of all these modifications, to which General Motors named “ECHO”, was to stretch the useful life of the thruster current, until the arrival of the most modern and efficient engines, derivatives of the three cylinders 12 V and direct fuel injection that are used by Opel in Europe, that will get to South america until 2018.

The Onix would be the first of the family of the Chevrolet produced in Brazil in the premiere new engine ECOTEC 1.0, a tricílindrico that will be produced at the plant that the brand has in Santa Catarina, derived from that used by the Opel Adam, an engine of two four-valves-per-cylinder, with direct fuel injection, and is offered in versions of kw with 90 HP or turbocharged with 115 HP.

At a later stage will arrive at the Prism and then to the still unpublished urban with which General Motors will replace the veteran Chevrolet Celta.