The chief design of Renault wants his cars to be exciting

Laurens van den AckerThe other day I we informed of the absence in the Paris Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Group Chrysler Cars. However other CEOs or presidents of other brands have not wanted to miss the opportunity provided by the Mondial to tell his vision of how the future will be of the car. One of them has been to Laurens van den Acker, the design boss of Renault.

In the Paris Salon Renault has unveiled the prototype Trezor a sports coupe that will mark the path style of the next models of the firm. According to Van den Acker its lines are not revolutionary but rather the continuation of the design language of current models. These lines are the mark design guidelines of the future models of Renault and in accordance with his words excite and fascinate to the customers.

Laurens van den AckerThat the future models of Renault have that excite to the buyers house to perfection with the trend that you are following the market and the sale of new cars. In Europe from the past 2014 the design of the cars is the main motivation of the customers to buy a new car. This aspect has exceeded the price and the brand loyalty as in previous years were in first and second position respectively.

Other aspects who wants to change the chief designer of Renault is the design of the interior of their upcoming models. According to his words habitability interior of the models will be a priority to the purchasers, and shall decide every time a greater number of sales. This together with the evolution that will suffer the technology will make the cars change radically.

to carry out the growth of the internal volumes, the designers from Renault work hand-in-hand with the team of designers led by Van den Acker. are betting on electric mobility because the new electric motors allow for greater compactness, making the habitable interior to grow exponentially.

we’re looking forward to to see what the new concept brings us to Renault and where will their designs. Of course if you go by the way of the prototype Trezor are looking forward to the street to give them a try already!!!!

Source – Paris Salon

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