The chinese brand Chery will present a new SUV at the iaa in Frankfurt

The world of motor it is curious in many aspects. In general, many brands european and american seen in China, India and Brazil, markets where to expand and to improve the overall sales. On the other, the chinese brands eager to enter the european and american markets.

This is precisely what he plans to Chery, a chinese brand, that will be presented at the next Frankfurt motor show, a new SUV with which to enter the european market. This new model would not arrive alone, as the chinese brand would be to develop two other models that would come to light in the next few years.

In the next few years we intend to start selling a wide range of vehicles in the european markets, which will belong to multiple segments. In addition, these vehicles will be electrified.” said Anning Chen, the CEO of the chinese company Chery.

This means that their next vehicle will be hybrid rechargeable, plug-in hybrids and all-electric vehicles. The new SUV C-segment that will be presented in Frankfurt will be aimed at young people and urbanites, and will be constructed under the european standards of design, quality, dynamics and safety.

As has been announced by its director general, Anning Chen, the chinese brand sold in Europe by another name, something as well as what makes, for example, Opel with Vauxhall in the Uk. As can be seen in the images that the brand has launched to show the car prior to its submission, the SUV chinese has forms reminiscent of certain european designs, such as the Citroen in the front and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque features sturdy, but it worked.

“All vehicles Chery will be sold in Europe will have connectivity of the first class, will be fun to drive, will offer a spacious interior and can be personalized completely.” said Anning Chen.

The center console, which is the only part of the interior that the chinese company has shown, it looks simple but functional, with a touch screen of small size and a small screens on wheels to adjust the air conditioning, a detail that we can see in models like the Audi TT of last generation.

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