The Chinook ET


it’s called, the film, directed with mastery by Adolfo Martínez but it could well have been starring the paticojo McLaren MCL32. It is located in an area terribly hostile, surrounded by enemies, you go hitting shots on the feet, and in Woking they do no more than look up to see if help arrives from heaven.

The McLaren-Honda doesn’t run, the engine is peta every bit, and that this were to happen in 2015 was relatively normal; that this occurs in your third season is to catch the person responsible and cook it in a pot of boiling water. It is unacceptable that a constructor of the prestige of the japanese, their history in the sport, you plant it in the output of the first race of their third calendar, and still not have certain guarantees, not to run decently, but that their cars finish the test. Engineers without experience, that forget to check oil before going to track or meetings endless to decide what time to leave the hotel and absurdeces of similar caliber.

Adds to this, among other things, a staff of technicians who are tagged loop of the human resources department japanese by the mere fact of knowing English in a country with an index of knowledge of the language of Shakespeare is even worse than the Spanish (Country where 81% of the elected deputies only speak Spanish) Coscorrón major in regards to the overall performance of their work; much respect for those who research, invest, and put on the track each Sunday so that others can enjoy it without we ask for nothing to change.


In Woking now have a marker to kilo for the menu and what to change motorist, something unthinkable until recently, he has already crossed by the front. This seems relatively simple, it is not so much, but not because of technical issues. In “hostile Zone” and the most difficult thing at the time to rescue the Super Puma wounded came not by lifting by means of a Chinook in the Army (ET) but by the hand of shots, escopetazos and bombs that we were throwing from the surrounding area.


Certainly a Formula 1 is not made with Lego pieces, which you put and take away with the hands, but there are integrated systems, specific sensors, flow of interrelated information, and a myriad of issues that are insurmountable, awkward to modify in your direction of departure. It is true that to the desperate, the guys at BrawnGP recompusieron a chassis in a little over a month, but this happened before the preseason. If tomorrow come to an agreement with another motorist, hardly we would see a new set shortly before the summer. Not that it would make the pre-season and during the season, but also winter in the middle of the race. Play this ruin could even be the ruin and a half. It is very difficult for this to happen.

“Coming tomorrow to an agreement with another motorist, we would not see a new set until summer”

If Honda came out by the door would be a disgrace, another year thrown away in the trash, everything becomes a merdé but this would be almost anecdotal to the side of the worst if you go: the inability to win or a sinkhole financial of poor recovery in years. Ferrari, Renault or Mercedes, the three bikers known, could sell their sugar but contain two added problems practically unsolvable. does Anyone has stopped to count how many stickers have the MCL32 on your epidermis? Virtually no. The great sponsors of McLaren have come traditionally of Great Britain, Vodafone, Johnnie Walker, or Germany, such as SAP and Mercedes in its time.

The McLaren MCL32 is very little of sponsors in your body.

we Talk about England, a country where television audiences have fallen in chopped or virtually disappeared, in a move trading profitable for chains, but terrible for marketing to see the disappearance of its raw material: the pairs of eyes. In Germany it is almost worse… your Grand Prix has disappeared even though it alternasen two tracks. The trough of pasta McLaren is more dry than the eye of a one-eyed and despite the huge efforts of Zak Brown, who already led firms to Woking, this of find someone who wants to drop a majao of between 60 and 100 million, that is what brings Honda, it becomes a mission of these be portrayed by Tom Cruise (Here sounds musiquilla of ‘Mission impossible’).

If this is complicated, much more would be to try to win a Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault engines with Mercedes, Ferrari or Renault. Would always be a step behind. The 5,000 pieces that are part of this type of mechanism are in number the same at the end of the year when they start the season, but many of them mutate, transform, grow and now without tokens it is reasonable to think that the gain in cavalry can go easily to between 30 and 50 horses in twenty races.


Zak Brown is a problem of enormous dimensions, what will opine the same thing that Ron Dennis and will continue betting by Honda?

Each motor approves the February 28, but from there, the transfer of data, evolutions, new components, and communication between both parties falls into the interests. That no one loses sight of that in 2014, the last year of the marriage McLaren-Mercedes, in the first podium of the season there were two of these cars… and as they say the gallegos, nunca mais. After they were diluting, hanging table below, to be in P10, P12 or P14. See, heads, to think like him, could this happen to one of the best teams in keeping up to date with their cars throughout the season. Simply Mercedes was withdrawn and gave them the right and necessary before the advent of Honda.

“The decision of Ron Dennis to try to find a biker outside of the trio of the benzene was right”

There is already a problem that they never would touch the very latest in their designs, not, is another. Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault have the support of factories, brands of cars. “If, and Honda, who manufactures, what dies?”. No, manufactures cars, but is not the owner or gives the name of a computer but is a partner provider; is not the same. The decision of Ron Dennis to try to find a biker outside of the trio of the benzine was the right decision, especially after the success story of the team in the past. It happens that Honda underestimated the depth and value of the company. Yusuke Hasegawa, the driver of the project that has inherited the marronazo, says the plan is medium-term and long-term, that are to stay, and fight. There is talk that the bill japanese begins to approach dangerously close to the billion of euros, without the more results that unbearable records in the rate of dropouts and holders bad.


other alternatives would all return to the starting point. Time and money. BMW does not want to go back, Toyota does not seem to be interested and should be with eyes as dishes, watching crashing their archenemies Honda, and recover to Cosworth is not a short-term solution. It is true that they built a engine block with the current settings, but if on the one hand it is better to forget your last step for the Formula 1 in terms of results, that engine is not finished, and the project was frozen when they found customers. To make an engine block for those who have swollen make them is relatively easy. The stumbling-block fat is that it does not account with the electrical part, that is giving real headaches to all. If you adapt the Injection-Marelli, for example, you would return once more to square one with tests, tests, and investment of money and time.

The Chinook

The solution more bearable for everyone is to find a Commander Francisco Barbancho (*). This military in real life and that comes in a “hostile Zone”, he realized that the helicopter dropped in Afghanistan could be used by the insurgency as a hunting trophy and airy to the four winds as a triumph. He was the one who said to go with a Chinook by way of a crane flying and get him out of there. The misfortune is that Honda does not seem to have an uncle as well, someone with blood, personality and a point of madness able to make decisions of feather to make the black hole in which they are.

“Honda will have to make radical choices”

The japos move in the block, rarely alone, and all decide together after a thousand and one meetings. Redo a structure that does not work, move to England, to purchase shares of McLaren, or any other play of weight, but that would send a helicopter as the ET and out of the fregao in which they find themselves. The best escape route is the one that they have already half-built. McLaren would not have to find the money that you do not have experience with bikers, exotic or not they would work for them, and with the time and waaaaay money, you’ll end up working, even though Honda will have to make radical choices. If not, they are in the middle of a hostile zone for a long time, to continue receiving shots, stoning, bombings, and a few insurgents that are devouring.

(*) The military is many things, and in the one that stand out is the value that they give to their friends. The commander Francisco Barbancho ‘gave’ the space of his name in the fiction of a fallen comrade in Albania. For this reason, his character in the film bears the name of Ramon Ledesma. Much respect.