The Chrysler 200 ceases definitely its manufacture

Chrysler 200 fábrica

The history of the Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart is a “chronicle of a death foretold”. The Dodge Dart came to the roads of the united States in the year 2012 and the Chrysler 200 a couple of years later, however, their bad luck in the market has been shared. Some months ago we already we reported that both models would no longer be manufactured without a successor and it seems that you have removed the artificial respirator that kept alive the 200.

As reported by The Detroit News of the assembly plant Sterling Heights, Michigan, have begun to exit the that will be the last units of the Chrysler 200. For now, the Dodge Dart will stand a little more in production, although there will be a period much longer. In place for the year 2017 Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) has plans to manufacture the next generation of the RAM to 1500 as well as a new model of Jeep.

Chrysler 200

As the final song of the swan, according to a portavóz of Fiat Chrysler Cars in the united States the last units of the Chrysler 200 will be offered as a model of 2017 with a price will depart from the 22.150 $ . It will feature three trim levels (Touring, Limited and Platinum) that will incorporate the best of the brand. With this, you want to leave a good impression to the customers that are interested in the model and do not want to wait for it to disappear to have one.

To end, we must also talk about the possible substitutes of the Dart and 200. As reported by Sergio Marchionne, FCA is looking for a partner suitable with whom to develop a platform compact with which to give life to the possible successors of these models. By now there are no names or specific dates, but knowing the pace of work to get to the CEO of the group is more than likely that you will soon have a picture or news on these cars.

time to Time, all is not lost.

Source – The Detroit News