The Citroën Aircross Concept shows how will be the future SUV brand


Citroen-Aircross-3 L to new generation of models Citroën was born a few months ago with C4 Cactus . After several fragments of photographs published brand over the past few days, today made public the second state models that include new identity Brand double chevron.

This is the Citroën Aircross Concept, a conceptual work that does nothing but show where it points the French design applied in the new generation of SUV brand . Based on the modular platform EMP2 the Aircross has a body length of 4.55 meters and no less than 2.1 meters wide.

But what matters is not its proportions, which surely will be appropriate if the model has a green light to get into series production, but aesthetic qualities , which is what Citroën wanted to show with this prototype .

On the front highlights thin light clusters with an evolved to present at the C4 Cactus and which in this case are incorporated inside the grill, integrated flawlessly format. The bulging wheel arches give you the Aircross a muscular appearance , which is reinforced by the black plastic that protects them.

Citroen-Aircross-1 On the posterior observe a floating Pilar C, which integrates a third side window merges with the rear window to form almost one piece. The windows in the rear doors comprise a frame with chrome finish that seems to cut the flow of floating roof, but which in turn gives it personality.

The Citroën Aircross proposes a design rarely seen in the segment.

Once inside, many solutions are present in the C4 Cactus , with an austere design panel and stripped a fully digital instrument panel of a head up display observed and a second screen in the center of the plate.

Under the hood Citroën opted for a hybrid powertrain that combines the celebration engine THP 1.6-liter to give traction to the front axle, with a second electric motor, which drives the rear axle.

‘ll have to see what the Citroën Aircross Concept lost if the brand decides to take production, which surely will, but it is possible that after the experience of C4 Cactus, no changes are too drastic, which arise as truly different alternative to all present in this segment today.



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