The Citroën C5 improves their standard equipment to survive

Citroën C5 BlueHDI 150 y 180 CV

segment of the sedans generalists is now several years in the doldrums. A little over a decade, this was a category that works well enough, but the arrival of the minivans I passed bill by reducing your sales dramatically. At the end of the last decade, the phenomenon SUV gave an important change to the market.

families that needed (or seeking) a vehicle with a broad, versatile and with a load capacity slightly higher than that of a compact, passed the sedans three volumes to minivans. Subsequently, and today, the fashion of the minivan stalled by the rise of the SUV, which is still the most growing segment. This, of course, was a second e major blow for the sedans.

sedans premium, read the brands Mercedes, Audi and BMW, they get to stay on his feet, but the generalists are becoming less in demand and the manufacturers see losses in their models of four doors. Even so, it is a traditional market and to give it up completely you can give a bad image. Perhaps it is for this reason that the Citroën C5, which is far from his best moment, are still trying to fight.

Citroën C5 BlueHDI 150 y 180 CV

Despite the fact that the life of the Citroën C5 is coming to an end, the French brand has decided to equip it with a more standard equipment to try to get more customers. This model is available in sedan body and also in the family C5 Tourer XTR. For your body are five colors different: black pearl pearly, blue storm metallic, white banquise, gris would pearly, and pearly white.

equipment the Citroën C5 comes with consists, among other things, of suspension Hidractiva III+, 7” touch screen with Mirror Screen and tires 17” for the sedan and 18” for the family Tourer XTR. The family, the C5 Tourer XTR brings with it in addition to a more aesthetically jacket with protections on the lower part.

with Respect to the versions, we find two engines diesel, both with 2-liter. The C5 berlina can be associated to the versions of 150 and 180 HP. The first will only be available with a manual gearbox, while the more powerful uses the automatic transmission EAT6. The Citroën C5 Tourer XTR is only offered with the engine of 150 HP and manual switching.

Body Engine Change Finish Price
Body Engine Change Finish Price
Sedan BlueHDi 150 CV Manual 6V Feel Edition 21.900 €
Sedan BlueHDi 180 HP Automatic 6V Feel Edition 25.200 €
Sedan BlueHDi 180 HP Automatic 6V Shine 27.500 €
Tourer XTR BlueHDi 150 CV Manual 6V Feel Edition 25.700 €

Citroën C5
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