The Citroën C6 could return, but only for China

Citroën Metropolis Concept

Citroën Metropolis Concept

Until in 2012 it disappeared from the market Citroen C6, the French brand has always had in the market some kind of saloon representation. Focusing on what the historical memory of almost any person remembers, we find the Citroën Traction Avant, Citroën DS 19 (and following), Citroën CX, Citroën XM and Citroën C6. In Europe the manufacturers in general have lost any option of success in segments like the E or the F which are dominated by the premium. But China is a very different market and according to some rumors, Citroën has seen a gap in the market that I don’t want to let go.

The French could resurrect the name of the Citroën C6, launching a the vehicle of representation for the chinese market. It would be a completely new model that would be based on the modular platform EMP2 and based their aesthetic on the Citroën Metropolis Concept that was introduced in the year 2010. The joint-venture Dongfeng-PSA would be in charge of developing and producing this new market.

DS Numero 9

Citroën DS Number 9

But if Citroën has a flagship, the premium brand DS would not be less. PSA would also be considering the launch of a vehicle of larger dimensions, which would be in some way paired with the Citroën C6 and that it would adopt the name of DS-9. In this case the responsible for producing the model would be the joint-venture Changan-PSA, which is in charge of the DS models specific to China. The reports indicate that this second model would be inspired by the prototype Citroën DS Number 9 which was released in Beijing in 2012.

Are unknown even other details about these models, although in the case of the C6 could use turbocharged engines of gasoline of 1.8 and 2.0 liters, in addition to a new hybrid system that would combine a gasoline engine with an electric. PSA already has left the hybrid diesel. The DS 9 could use the same engines.

Source – CarNewsChina