The Citroën C6 is again being sold in China… but not as you expected

Miss you to Citroen C6. It was one of the cars most peculiar and strange of the brand gala, full of personality, and equipped with an interesting hydropneumatic suspension, which treated its occupants with extreme care and affection. The Citroën C6 has stopped selling many years ago in Europe, but in the living Room of Beijing – which starts in a few days in China – Citroën will present a new C6, exclusive to the chinese market. These are the first images and the first filtered data. I don’t know what to think.

The new Citroën C6 is based on a platform EMP2 elongated, and looks suspiciously at the Dongfeng A9…

The Citroën C6, which will begin to be sold in the chinese market is much more bland and boring than its predecessor French. Straight lines, and a little design inspired. A dishwasher, in comparison with the sculpted body and full of ornaments of the C6 committee. At least the front features a curious calandra chrome, which provides the only touch of inspiration to your design. In the interior of the Citroën C6 II, we find ways unimaginative, but at least minimalist. It almost seems to have been inspired by a certain Volvo.

citroen-c6-2016-china-2The instrumentation is fully digital, and the center console is dominated by a large touch-screen display. A knob bulky for the gear lever makes a game with a steering wheel thick. What is certain is that it does not feel premium, it just feels like an attempt to re-launch the C6 of the past. It is based on the platform EMP2 of the PSA Group, so that a car is front-wheel-drive, with four-cylinder engines hanging from your front axle. It will be presented in a few weeks. We’ll see if the photos in direct do it justice.

citroen-c6-2016-china-3Source: Carscoops
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