The Citroën E-Mehari has already a price for France


The exotic Citroën E-Mehari has already a price for the French market. The manufacturer’s website already allows you to configure the vehicle beach so that the French can enjoy the freedom and fun that offers the Mehari in the summertime. A vehicle’s basic and simple but a lot of style which made it succeed the original model for 20 years.

The price to pay for to possess this playful convertible is 25,000 euros, to which we have to add the fee for the rental of the batteries in other electric models of the brand. In this case we speak of 79 €/month for the service. Recall that E E-Mehari comes to mean that it is a electric vehicle in comparison with its predecessor, there will be no alternative fuel. Fun by the beach does not leave any trace of pollution to our step.


there are Not too many customization options, a situation that is strange since a vehicle of such characteristics is very given to this type of treatment. We assume that the manufacturer has decided that the vehicle already has enough personal for its owner.

Few customization options, but with personality to spare

we will Only be able to choose between four shades of body, which by the way are quite striking: Beige de Jour, Grand Bleu, Orange Mécanique and Yellow Submarine. The last two based on the movie of Kubrick and one of the songs icon of the Hippie culture of the quartet English The Beatles.


The upholstery of the interior is in all cases TOE Beige in combination with the canvas roof in black shade, while optionally you can choose the eye-catching upholstery in orange with the backs decorated with floral motifs, all very summery, in combination with the ceiling, also in orange only for the exterior colors Beige Jour and Grand Bleu. All of this without any cost to the client, the only cost option is the installation of a climate control that supposed to add up to 1,450 euros to the total price.

let us Remember that the Citroën E-Mehari has a electric thruster of 68 BHP and 140 Nm of maximum torque with automatic transmission joined to a package, and batteries 30 kWh capacity with which he is able to go through up to 200 km with a single charge. In terms of performance we know that the 0 to 50 km/h in 6.4 seconds, a fact unusual, and that can travel at speeds of up to 110 km/h.